As 2017 marches on, we find ourselves anticipating more and more games. The year promises much and with so many high quality offerings set to touch down, we can’t help but get hyped. These are the five games I’m personally hyping over the biggest in 2017.

5. Breath Of The Wild [Wii U, Switch]

Releases March 3 (US, UK)

The newest, most lush-looking offering in Nintendo’s flagship Zelda franchise and the first one to truly embrace open-world design and philosophy, it looks like quite the experience. Saturated with a rich color palette  and offering you unprecedented freedom, this visually stunning title is set to make quite a splash this year.

New elements introduced to the series will help liven things up for fans, and potentially help to attract newcomers – elements like crafting, cooking, being able to upgrade one’s Armour and clothing, as well as a strange new ability to freeze time for some objects, it seems!

All in all, the trailer here seems to imply a grand journey, with sweeping, emotive music. A tragedy to explore, revelations to be made about the history of Hyrule. This is shaping up be the most expansive, if not the grandest Zelda title to date!

If you are a fan of exploration-driven gameplay, definitely give this one a look!


Persona 5 [PS3, PS4]

Releases : April 4 (US, UK)

Ah, Persona 5. The next game in the much-loved franchise after 2008’s Persona 4, and 2012’s expanded Persona 4 : Golden . It as had a long and somewhat complicated development, many delays and lots of exposure. The slew of trailers, character intros and gameplay features all ooze and bleed charisma. It looks like combat has become even sleeker and faster than before – the aesthetic now a sneaky, thieving red and black to match with the game’s “Thief” motif – in contrast to Persona 4’s yellow “Truth” motif. This JRPG exploded out of its mother  series, Shin Megami Tensei over two decades ago, taking the series in an entirely different direction.

With an expertly scored soundtrack assured by series composer Shoji Meguro, gorgeous graphics and undoubtedly deep, complex characters, this is my premature pick for game of the year. If traditions hold true, you can seek to lose 40 to 60 hours of your life to this game and regret not a second of it. Due to the latest delay, which was supposed to see it releasing on February 14th of 2017, the developer has decided to include free Japanese Language DLC with the release, adding that extra bit of charm for those that prefer a more authentic voice-over experience.


Yooka-Laylee [Linux, MacOS, PC, Switch, PS4, X1]

Releases April 11 (US, UK)

A breath of fresh air in today’s gaming landscape merely due to its promise, Yooka-Laylee offers to bring back fun double jumping platformer madness from days long gone. This so-called Buddy Platformer looks gorgeous and has had a roaring success with its Kickstarter campaign, with fans absolutely drowning the developers in money to make this once humble offering a grand reality.

[Full disclosure : I am a backer of Yooka-Laylee, myself]

A proper, old-school platformer with a new team sounds like an exciting prospect. The hard-to-pin-down satisfaction of platform games is one that many games have missed for quite a long time – so to have this wonderful title nearly ready to grace us with its presence  is quite the treat on its own. However, the developers are some of Rare’s old employees – so you can expect that same spirit and charm to permeate the title as well, almost like a seal of quality!

It’s hard to put into words  all the little things that have my excited to get my hands on Y-L – I can only do this game justice by linking to the E3 2016 trailer! 2017 won’t be complete without playing it!


Crash Bandicoot N.sane Trilogy [PS4]

Releases in 2017 (TBD)

Well now! Out of nowhere, our favorite Orange mascot thing emerges once again! The remastered, original PS 1 trilogy will see us reliving memories this year, I’m sure. As a gamer whose console experience began with a PS 1 and who was quite fan of the original trilogy, I am both excited and hopeful in the remaster – will it give us back that self-same feeling, or will it seek to innovate slightly by incorporating new mechanics or features? It’s all a mystery right now – only confirmed for PlayStation 4 so far and for ‘this year’, there is very little known about it so far, excluding a  gameplay trailer.

The only definite is that the soundtrack and visuals have been given an expert face lift, definitely worthy of launching on the PlayStation 4 .


Full Throttle Remastered [Windows, OSX, Linux, PS4, PsVita]

Releases April 30th

The news that one of the first adventure games I have ever played is receiving the remaster treatment 20 plus years on actually brought tears to my eyes.

Full Throttle was beloved by fans when it came out, so the news that a potential sequel has been cancelled and little hope for anything once Disney bought the Lucasarts division with the IP, this is…a strike of lightning on a clear day, in all honesty. This very unique,  charmingly shameless adventure game totes a killer soundtrack, an unusual tale of a biker out to clear his name from a frame-job, while trying to find his old gang, lead on by a ruse. Now how many games have a premise like that?!

And yet, the setting aside, some wonderfully intimate moments make it into the game as well. Not so much between characters directly as the characters themselves. It holds a few good messages near the end, solemn reflections of a character’s past , with typical point&click game play and a healthy dose of action to keep people of all types and interests excited.

For those who’ve played the original, it’s something you have to see – the visual improvements made, the smoothness imparted on this finely-aged classic. This is another Tim Schafer classic that I absolutely urge any Adventure game fan to try – if they haven’t done so yet!