Monster Hunter World has a release date! As more and more info begins to pour out about this game’s release there are still a few items I hope to be added and announced as we draw closer to the release date on January 28, 2018. This list is going in order from what I believe to be the least likely(5) to the most likely(1), but would love to see all of them at some point!


5. Cross-Platform Play

Monster Hunter has never before released onto multiple consoles in this fashion. In fact, Monster Hunter World will mark the first time for the series on the Xbox platform for the West. This certainly is going to a help for the series in bringing in players who have not been able to get into the series prior due it releases exclusively on Nintendo consoles for the past 8 years. Monster Hunter became a staple of my gaming collection due to the online play. I enjoyed challenging myself in the offline areas, but it was playing with friends that have made each new installment a must buy. This multi-platform release creates separations made where some of us are PlayStation, others Xbox, and a few PC. This isn’t the desired outcome just the one we’re stuck with.

That is why one of my hopes is for cross-platform play. The ability to continue to play with everyone and not feel left out or leaving others out due to lesser numbers of players on one console. This can also be helpful for people introducing friends to the series. If you’re able to get them interested, but they aren’t able to play on the same console then it will lessen the experience. Though the odds of it happening are low, but should Capcom start a campaign for it then maybe that will help push the matter forward into opening up the doors between the platforms both for this and other games in the future.


4. Larger online groups

This feels like a greedy desire to put next to Cross-Platform Play, but I have my reasons for it. The sad issue that has come into play many times in my experience. The online group size is currently limited to 4 players. Making the situation occur at least in my large group of friends that one or two are often left out. My hope is that they increase the number of players in a room to 6 at least or to the prior number of 8.

To keep it from being an issue of too easy with the large group or too difficult for a smaller hunting party would be to have the quests scale. Scaling has been used prior for when attempting online quests while soloing/offline. The quest will lower in difficulty by decreasing monster damage and overall health to account for one player over four. To scale for larger hunting groups have it scale to make the monster mildly more difficult in terms of health and damage, but maybe allow for 5 KOs instead of 3. This way the system could still be fair and would not make it a required need for 8 players at all times to handle quests. This is still another unlikely wish as World has already been confirmed for the 4 player online groups.


3. Substantial List of Monsters (50+)

There is some uncertainty on just how large the cast of monsters will be for this game. Taking a look back at Monster Hunter Double Cross that contains over 80 large monsters. The current number of announced large monsters that have been seen or showcased for Monster Hunter World is 15. It is hard to imagine them giving out the full list of monsters prior to the release so it is hard to determine just how many World will rake up before it releases.

Similar to how Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate capped off the 3rd, Double Cross is capping off the end of the 4th generation of monsters. The subsequent start of the next generation of monsters is taking some from the old, but also adding in new ones. The 4th generation introduced a total of 58 new monsters total across 4 games. Monster Hunter World is starting new meaning if it follows the path of prior games the roster of the generation will grow in following games. Or through other means that I’ll discuss further down.

Part of what makes me include it here is there is some concern that the roster will end up is a significantly small number, like 30. The scale that World is going for in terms of environments and graphics is part of why there is a belief that the roster will be more minimal. I hope that is not the case as it could do a disservice to the game. The fewer monsters the less time there is to put into the game. It means less to get through with fewer monsters to hunt and less to collect. With less to do it makes it harder to sustain the player base over a long period of time. Even raising it closer to 50 will go into helping the game be a more long-term experience for players.


2. DLC Monsters

Maybe this will help as well. Monster Hunter has done well in the DLC, adding new quests with weapons often themed around other game franchises. Prior games have had monthly DLC updates to keep players engaged. I highly expect for DLC to be apart of Monster Hunter World, maybe taking on different release schedule and pricing. What I am hoping they do is take the DLC a step further by introducing new Monsters.

As I mentioned the DLC prior has been used to add in quests for specific monsters. At times these quests are used to special themed items. Other times they can offer an easier way to grind difficult monsters. They have had small numbers of monsters introduced through DLC, but these are usually variants on already existing monsters in the game. Such as White Fatalis in Monster Hunter 4U was a DLC quest, but Crimson Fatalis was within the main game. I am hoping for this to be done on a larger scale of introducing a whole species and subspecies of monster that was not already included in the game.

Unlike prior games, Monster Hunter World could grow the roster further through DLC. Once all the planned DLC has been released having a Deluxe release of Monster Hunter World containing all the DLC items. This is a more common template seen in games over recent years that would be an easy structure for Capcom to follow suit. Though with expansions of this variety it will likely require payment instead of the free DLC of the past. But it comes with the benefit of not needing to buy a whole new game and start from scratch again.


1. A Nintendo Switch Port/Release

Gearing up for E3 2017, there was anticipation for Monster Hunter announcement for the Nintendo Switch. Specifically, Monster Hunter Double Cross, it has already now for the Switch just only in Japan. That was the game I and many other fans were anticipating to hear a Western release for. Even after the announcement of Monster Hunter World, there was hope and anticipation for Monster Hunter Double Cross to come to the West. At the core of it, there was an expectation for Monster Hunter on Nintendo.

This is not without years of basis to go on. Starting with the release of Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii the series has been exclusive to Nintendo console for the West. The main reason I got a Wii U was for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Same for why I upgraded to a New 3DS for Monster Hunter 4. Though the series has certainly swapped brands before. Prior to the release of Monster Hunter Tri, the series released onto the PlayStation. The majority of those releases for the PSP.

What makes Monster Hunter World different from the prior switch is that it is not limited to one brand of console. Monster Hunter World is set to release for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. There is a clear reason for why they are spreading the game across multiple platforms. The goal is simply to bring in new players and potentially bring back old players. Not every gamer is willing or able to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new console. Or even justify the need to if there is only one game of interest.

I am already firmly on board with getting Monster Hunter World. There was never about if I would get it. It is, however, just the lack of a Nintendo release gives an incomplete feeling. After years of playing the series on Nintendo, there were expectations already forming when I bought my Nintendo Switch of how great Monster Hunter will be on the console. Monster Hunter Double Cross is already outselling the expectations the game had and we haven’t even hit the holiday season yet. It continues to feel like a missed opportunity to not have this ground-breaking release on the console that has been making waves since its release.