E3 2017 came and went. We got a heap of new games and a slew of content that should help tide over gamers for the next year. But if you’re a fan of particular franchises, the absence of specific titles can be infuriating. When it comes to AAA-games in particular, this frustration can only gets worse when expected titles go missing in action without warning – or are ignored completely.

So we figured we’d look back at the titles that we kind of expected/hoped to see at E3 2017, but ultimately didn’t get to see – for one reason or another. Let us know what games you were disappointed didn’t make an appearance or went missing in action during the conference.


Shadow of the Tomb Raider

I’m more amazed this one didn’t show up, if only because all the leaks suggested that it’s quite close to release. The name leaked a few months back, which is usually a good sign that a game is coming  along nicely (Codenames for games typically indicate a game is early in development).

Tomb Raider may not be the biggest game to all, but Sony and Microsoft love showing it off. Sony made a big deal of 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot, while Microsoft couldn’t help themselves when Rise of the Tomb Raider landed in 2015. It’s a series that translates well to the conference, so it not appearing indicates it’s not coming anytime soon.

Plus the timescale fits in with the release of previous Tomb Raider games. Rise of the Tomb Raider landed on Xbox One back in late 2015, with the updated version hitting in 2016 on PC and PlayStation. The two year gap since its arrival is usually around the time when Square Enix push the game out. Sadly it seems the franchise was destined to go missing this year. Possible Gamescon announcement?


Halo 6 (Or Halo 3: Remastered)

It’s surpriseing Microsoft didn’t try to get a game out in time for the launch of Xbox One X from their Halo franchise. Typically the go-to series for such things, it leaves us with the daunting prospect that we won’t be getting any kind of Halo main series game before the end of 2017 (Halo Wars isn’t really main series).

It’s a sign that 343 Studios have a lot of work to do with their Halo franchise moving forward. The series has endured a rough few years, and it seems fans aren’t all that sad to be left out of the loop when it comes to where the franchise is heading next.

Halo 6 needs to be better than good if it’s going to return the franchise to its former position of glory. It’s a franchise in need of downtime; and it seems Microsoft is more than willing to oblige. It’s just weird they didn’t even tease the next outing – even a remaster. That Halo 3 Remaster seems to have gone missing in action.

What a sad state of affairs.


Final Fantasy VII Remake

Sony and Square-Enix seem to have forgotten that they announced this one back in 2015, both party’s seem content to pretend it doesn’t exist. Many fans tuned into E3 this year expecting to see some kind of update – an update that never materialized.

I understand why they aren’t talking about it, but it only disappoints fans when Sony’s already underwhelming conference fails to acknowledge the pink elephant in the room. Two years is a long time in gaming; to hear next to nothing about the remake is usually a sign of concern.

The fact it didn’t make it into Sony’s E3 2017 conference at all suggests it won’t make release inside the next 12 months either. That’ll mean a three year wait for the most basic of news about one of the most anticipated games of all time. Screenshots are nice, but actual gameplay would at least allay fears that the title is going to be a very different beast to its original.

Not a good trick play I’d argue.


The Sims 4 (Or 5) Content

Remember The Sims? They used to be a big deal before Sims 4 messed up the series and left audiences with a lack of appetite for the main series. In the last three years, the game has staggered to an acceptable position, but that doesn’t explain why EA ignored it completely at E3.

They’ve always used E3 to announce new major incarnations in the series, so I was half expecting them to go ahead and announce something major – mostly just to get people back on board. Sadly this didn’t happen, meaning fans are probably stuck with The Sims 4 for another 12 months.

Perhaps more interestingly, they didn’t even announce anything for the series on stage. No expansions, spin-offs or anything of the like. Nothing about that new mobile game which they’ve been hyping big. It’s weird to see one of the most beloved franchises in gaming being overlooked so heavily. I guess that’s the price to pay when games don’t deliver; it’s just a shame the series is missing out.


Hitman (Season 2)

Given all the troubles that IO Interactive and Square Enix have been enduring in recent times, it doesn’t surprise me that this one disappeared from the face of the earth. That doesn’t make it any less disappointing.

When Season One of Hitman wrapped up, the future seemed clear. Season 2 would follow the same path of episodic delivery. I had hopes that, much like with Season One, a teaser would emerge at one of the conferences to confirm its existence. Sadly it seems that that the absence all but confirms the franchise is in for a rocky few years.

The lack of a teaser suggests we’re also in for a long wait for that Season 2. If fans were hoping the team were already well along with development – this was probably the wake up call they needed. A real shame.


Animal Crossing

The Nintendo Livestream was an interesting beast, if for no other reason than it painted a very positive image for the future of Nintendo Switch. We found out a new “core” Pokemon game is in development, as is Metroid Prime 4. Sadly among all these “In developments” – a lack of info over a new Animal Crossing stuck out.

It’s been four years since New Leaf landed on the Nintendo 3DS. Given that Animal Crossing exists within its own genre at Nintendo, you’d have thought the game would have been perfect for the Switch’s more social features. Sadly, as with everything else Animal Crossing, it seems that Nintendo just isn’t ready to give fans the next incarnation.

A real shame.


Smash Brothers

Given how much Nintendo fans love the Smash Bros franchise, you would have imagined that Nintendo would be rushing over themselves to get the game onto Switch. Sadly, even as it continues to re-release Wii U titles, it seems that Smash fans will be left waiting for the title.

It’s not a huge surprise, the only time Smash Bros turned up early to the party was on Gamecube. But really, it’s a sad omission for fans who are in that community. It’s a very passionate group of fans, and the Switch is begging for a fighting game to be the Champion of multiplayer sessions the world over.

The fact it’s missing doesn’t mean it’s not coming, it just means audiences are slightly disappointed with the fact that there’s no news over it.


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