Some advanced stats that can help you ace hockey betting

Hockey is perhaps one of the sports that require more attention in the sporting world. Having said that, the market for the Hockey game is much softer than other sports. Only a few bettors gamble on the sporting events of hockey, not that it’s not interesting or isn’t productive, but due to the lack of awareness around it. Like there is a difference between female and male players, Hockey seems to be suffering from ignorance, but when it comes to betting, the game is certainly a game-changer. Bettors have identified the caliber of the game and it has started to attract a decent number of bets in the last decades.

Corsi Stats:

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The Corsi is an advanced stat in Hockey that determines how many shots are attempted while at the strength play. This includes even the shots that are missed and they also fall under the Corsi statistics. It’s widely used in betting and used as a tool for single-player or team evaluation. When it comes to betting, Team statistics are used to evaluate betting lines.

Fenwick Hockey Stats:

Both of the stats are identical and you may choose any of them. However, there is a little difference between the stats, Corsi Stats counts blocked shots and Fenwick discounts them. This is the major difference between both of them. Fenwick and Corsi can be used to count the team’s ability to put up goals and help in assessing the goals of the team.


The best way to know how a goaltending stats works are to work on different stats and merge them to have a collective perception of the result. This is considered the hardest cog of the handicapping of hockey.


Zone hockey stats:

Among other stats, it’s quite easy to understand. The statistics are to measure the offensive prowess of the team and hold in the defensive zone which is represented by oZS% and dZS%. The stats can let you know which teams have a higher offensive zone and hence, high chances of scoring goals. The teams with most attacking chances will end up scoring goals. Stats are also used to evaluate the abilities of an individual player and hence should never be overlooked:


PTS helps to evaluate the abilities of an individual player. Injuries in the play can shuffle the team line and provide more time to a player that was lower in the line-up. The stat helps to foresee their game. Points per 60 minutes, showcases the filed level of a game. One of the popular stats to evaluate individual players.


Zone Starts:

The stat is valuable in assessing the performance when shifted from the defensive zone to the offensive zone. If the player has a high Zone Starts percentage, he will manufacture more in an offensive role. Understanding of stats may take a while but with a strong grip over it, you should be able to predict the destination of your bet.


With the addition of Corsi and Fenwick, PDO is used to track the shooting percentage and the team saves percentage. It assesses the ability and caliber on both sides. Available for both team and individual player, PDO is a valuable stat in evaluating the team as a whole.


Analytics are important. Predictions run on data and data produces favorable output. However, you should never overlook other factors like the power play and prowess of your team. As it goes in the world in betting, follow your head and bet on the data. There are no favorites and dislikes in betting, all that is the stats and once you understand that, you are set to go.

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