Pokémon fans rejoice, Pokkén is being given new life on the Nintendo Switch. Besides being on a console people want to play video games on (sorry Wii U), Pokkén Tournament DX features 5 new characters, 4 from the arcade version and one totally new Pokémon. While there are currently no announced plans to add downloadable characters, it is always fun to imagine the potential. Here are 7 Pokémon (and 7 honorable mentions) that would make fantastic contenders in Pokkén, one from each generation.


Generation 1: Kangaskhan

Kangaskhan would help fill out the roster with bulky fighters. Currently, Machamp is one of the few really bulky traditional fighters on the roster, so Kangaskhan could help diversify that fighting archetype in Pokkén. Kangaskhan stands out from other possible contenders though, because of the potential its Mega Evolution holds. Imagining controlling two fighters for devastating combos would be technically challenging, but could bring the spectacle that Pokkén fans have become accustomed to.

Honorable Mention: Muk


Generation 2: Sudowoodo

Looking at that goofy tree, one probably wouldn’t think Sudowoodo is a cold-blooded killer, but I’m arguing that the potential is there. From a lore perspective, Sudowoodo is a master of disguise in Pokémon Gold and Silver. That ninja-like ability could translate into Sudowoodo fighting with plenty of fake-outs, similar to the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm series. What it lacks in pure muscle, Sudowoodo could make up for in cunning and quickness like no other character does.

Honorable Mention: Heracross


Generation 3: Metagross

If Suicune being in Pokkén has shown players anything, it’s that unconventional Pokémon can have a place in a more traditional fighting game. In that vein, Metagross would be a fantastic fit for Pokkén based off of sheer coolness alone. Outside of an edgy aesthetic, Metagross has a very diverse movepool that would translate well into both ranged and close quarters techniques. It is easy to imagine Metagross being an incredibly bulky character that I would love to see added down the line.

Honorable Mention: Deoxys


Generation 4: Staraptor

Flying types are criminally underrepresented in Pokkén. Of the 20 Pokémon roster, Charizard is the only playable Flying type. In future DLC, I would love to see that remedied with the addition of Staraptor. Personally, of all the early game bird Pokémon, I think Staraptor is all-around the best. Constructing a ground moveset for Staraptor would likely be difficult, being a bird and all, but I believe the nearly unlimited potential of aerial combos would make putting the Predator Pokémon in the game a worthwhile endeavor.

Honorable Mention: Drapion


Generation 5: Golurk

Speaking of aerial combos, let’s talk about how much of a beast Golurk would be. Golurk is enough of an imposing figure to warrant a spot on the roster with its titan like physique, but for some reason, Game Freak went over the top and made Golurk as cool as possible with the addition of jet arm and leg cannons. Plus, the Ghost/Ground dual typing opens up a lot of potential in terms of striking an interesting balance of short and long ranged attacks along with a unique mobility style. Of all the Pokémon that have appeared on this list, I hope Golurk makes it on the most.

Honorable Mention: Bisharp


Generation 6: Hoopa

Outside of two variations on the face of the franchise Pikachu, most of the Pokémon in Pokkén are rather large, which makes sense for a fighting game. Another great addition to the lightweight class would be Hoopa, the Mischief Pokémon. Using its rings and portals, Hoopa could have the potential to strike quickly while also being able to create space almost instantaneously. Hoopa’s Unbound form (pictured in the background of the above image), would also make for a fantastic transformation when the Burst Gauge is filled. Making a complete moveset for Hoopa in Pokkén feels so intuitive that it must be coming soon, right?

Honorable Mention: Greninja


Generation 7: Kommo-o

Some choices are just so obvious that you just have to pick them. Kommo-o is one of those Pokémon that always looks ready for a fight, which makes it a perfect Pokkén contender. Kommo-o’s scales and ability to weaponize sound makes for a great base for ranged attacks, essentially completing a moveset for the majestic dragon. If Game Freak and/or Namco wanted to add another character to coincide with the upcoming release of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Kommo-o would not be a surprising choice.

Honorable Mention: Toxapex


What Pokémon would you want to see added in Pokkén? Sound off in the comments below or let us know on Twitter!