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Bungies’s Destiny 2 has been with us for a few weeks now and I can imagine like most of the world you have been jetting around the solar system in Bungie’s newest sequel. The hype has been huge and so far the game has triumphed over it’s previous instalment but some people still find themselves unable to jump onboard. For that reason I will be outlining 7 reasons you should be playing Destiny 2 if your a Destiny veteran or just undecided hopefully this will sway you.


1. Destiny 2’s Story

Destiny 2 throws guardians (that would be you) new and old into the thick of it with a dynamic opening sequence. The first Destiny was light on the story elements, which put a lot of players off the experience this was later affected in the expansions, but Bungie recognised this absence and has worked hard to change that for its sequel.

The story kicks off with the destruction of the tower the last safe-haven for humanity and the place all guardians call home. As the city is overtaken by Ghaul and his army of Red Legion Cabal, you are stripped of your super powers and immortality. This leaves all players new and old ready to embark on a brand new challenge to regain their power and take back the city. This is a brilliant way of introducing new players into the fold and putting them onto the same level as their experienced counterparts. The law and history of the world is outlined through the loss and reconnecting of the energy known as the light. The light is the name of the power given to you by the mysterious Traveler and is where you get your kick-ass ability to kill hordes of aliens from.

The story is simple and quite generic but does exactly what is needed to set you on the right path. From this point you will embark on a number of missions to bring together characters from different planets and build an attack force against the Cabal. This story is a nice way to get a grip on the different races you will have to fight and a great way to introduce players to the game, and trust me once you finish the main quest there is still loads of things left to do.


2. Titan, Hunter or Warlock?

Destiny gives you a choice of three classes each changing the way you play the game. The three classes are split into the three archetypes seen in role-playing games, the Titan the warrior class, the Hunter the rogue class and the Warlock the magic class. Each class provides you with sub-classes that allow you to harness the games three energy types Solar, Arc and Void. The sub-classes are focused around a super ability that once unleashed brings down a destructive force on all who oppose you.

The Titan is the tank of the group and starts out with the Sentinel sub-class, which will see you rushing around like Captain America as you smash your shield into the bad guys faces. You will be able to lay down cover for your allies with your class ability, which provides you with a large shield to protect your team or a small shield that provides minimal cover but allows you to reload while crouched behind it. The Titan also has a jetpack that will propel you forward or allow you to reach that ledge that’s just a little too high.

The Hunter is the ranger of the group and starts out with the Arcstrider sub-class, which sees you jump around striking enemies with your electrified staff and being one of the more mobile classes… jumping around is made much easier. You can also avoid attacks with your class ability the dodge, which you can use to reload your melee ability for when you get up close and personal. The Hunter is the only class that simply just double jumps and later gains the power to triple jump, which becomes incredible useful in all situations.

The Warlock is your spellcaster and starts out with the Dawnblade Sub-class, which gives you fiery wings of vengeance that allow you to fly while you fling fire-strikes down on all below. Your class ability sees you lay down a healing rift. One that, as described, can heal your team or later empower them to boost attacks. The Warlock can basically levitate, hovering round the map with precision allowing for aerial attacks but makes reaching high places difficult at times.

Your first decision in Destiny 2 is choosing which class you will play while exploring Destiny. There are also three slots for character creation so if you change your mind at a later point you can swap class.


3. Exploration

One of the most appealing parts of Destiny 2 is literally running around the different locations exploring the hidden cashes and lost sectors in an effort to find that ever so precious loot. This becomes especially pleasing once you progress in the game unlocking patrol missions and challenges that will leave you exploring the each map for hours.

It feels great running around, collecting loot from all the events and cashes you can find. Destiny 2 does a great job at making you feel rewarded. It doesn’t take you long to acquire new weapons and armour, which is needed to boost your overall power. Your progression feels quick, rewarding and once your reach level 20 the world opens up in a whole new way but this is something you should discover for yourself.


4. Public Events

Another element of exploration and what you will most likely take up most of your time doing is the public events. These events require you to complete an objective which upon completion will give you powerful loot depending the degree of your involvement. These events are timed though so if you are unable to finish before the time runs out you will gain less loot from the drop. This will most likely happen at first but the events happen very frequently so finding another will not be a problem.

The public events can vary from killing a giant scorpion tank, securing a point from an invading force or killing a horde of enemies as they rush through a dimensional portal. All these events have the ability to become Heroic, which increases your chances of getting that ever so important loot but will do this by making everything more difficult so you’ll need to be at your best to complete these challenges.

5. The Crucible

If the story missions and the exploration doesn’t thrill you, it might be worth checking out The Crucible Destiny’s PvP arena. The Crucible throws 8 players into a 4v4 match up putting gear and supers against one another. The Crucible is the only part of Destiny where you can test your skills against other guardians, this is something that really makes you think differently about how to take down your target.

While it can be infuriating when you are being crushed by other guardians especially when they set off their supers. The Crucible gives players another style of play, one that differs from the traditional gameplay of shooting hordes of enemies. So if you prefer taking on other players rather than AI Destiny 2 still has something for you.


6. Raids

For those of you seeking a challenge you should set your sights on the raids. A raid is a six player activity that forces you to work as a group to solve puzzles, complete challenges and defeat minions all in order to reach the final boss and conquer the raid. If you have played MMO’s before you will be familiar with this system.

The raids are the ultimate challenge for a guardian forcing you to be at your highest power and always on top form putting everything you know about Destiny into just surviving the level. The best way to prepare for raids is to compete in strikes. The strikes are 3 player mini raids that you complete for the best loot this will escalate your power level to the heights needed for the raid.


7. Building Your Fireteam

The last reason is a simple one playing with your friends online. From traveling through the EDZ or taking on a raid playing with a fireteam is where you can get the most out of the game. This isn’t to say that playing solo isn’t great because it is but playing with a group of friends or making new ones will let you experience Destiny with a brand new lens. Sharing strategies, discussing loot and taking on challenges together all adds to the already diverse activities on offer. So if you plan to jump into Destiny 2 see if you can build your own little community with your friends. It’s always more fun to play with others if not just to prove you are the better guardian.

And that’s 7 reasons you should jump into Destiny 2, a game that has impressed far beyond its first instalment. If you’ve been waiting for a moment to jump back into Destiny or begin your journey as a guardian this is your opportunity and with expansions on the horizon there is plenty more reasons you jump onboard.

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