Fancy downloading your very own version of Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu, from the anime? Good news, Nintendo and Game Freak have you covered, as the pair has teamed up to bring your own personalized Pikachu.

The Pikachu in question comes in six distinct flavors – depending on which date you opt to make the download on. The dates include;

Original Cap: September 19-25

Hoenn Cap: September 26- October 2

Sinnoh Cap: October 3-9

Unova Cap: October 10-16

Kalos Cap: October 17-23

Aloa Cup: October 24-30

In order to claim the download, you need to head over to Nintendo’s Pokemon website – where you’ll be prompted to give up some information relating to your copy of the game. There’s only one available to each copy of the game too – so don’t go rushing in if the Pikachu you don’t want isn’t available this week.

The yellow Pokemon is being released as part of the celebrations for the Twentieth Pokemon movie – Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You. We’re not so hot on that movie, which has received somewhat mixed reactions from audiences in Japan (Where the movie released in July of this year) but Nintendo and Game Freak are really pushing it as a major deal.

Which Pikachu will you be choosing?



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