About Us

ScreenCritics.net is an independent entertainment website that aims to put the reader first. Founded on November 23rd 2016, the website brings together some of the industry’s brightest writers to deliver quality content across the board. We’re ambitious, and believe it’s up to us to raise the bar.

We aim to bring honest opinions to our readers, delivering the truth in everything we write. We’re not focused on appeasing sponsors or maintaining PR relationships – everything we deliver is designed to give readers the content they want in the easiest manner.

Our mission statement is simple;

To raise the bar and bring critical analysis to pop culture.

We focus on several key areas, bringing critical analysis and dissecting content as we fit. For us, being critical and coming to a conclusion that we believe in is more important than following trends or delivering sub-par content.

We cover various aspects of popular culture, including;

  • Entertainment News (Including television and film analysis and reviews).
  • Gaming analysis (Including critical assessments of the industry and its audience).
  • Wrestling (Attempting to raise the bar for wrestling journalism).

We’re not fans of the way websites fragment their content across various pages or articles. Our underlying promise is to deliver the best experience for our audience – putting them first in everything we deliver.

We hope as we continue our march forward, we fulfill these aims. Our audience is important to us, and we welcome all inquiries from party’s interested in working with us.