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Nickelodeon played host to a number of great programmes back in the 1990’s. The popular channel acted as a platform for exciting new shows, pushing the envelope in what kids TV could be. Perhaps one of the bigger hits was the shocking Are You Afraid of the Dark – which found huge popularity among teens and older viewers. Now it’s being reported that the property is being developed into a movie.

The news comes via Tracking Board, which reports Paramount Pictures is pushing along the film adaption. The script is reportedly being penned by Gary Dauberman, the writer behind Annabelle and smash horror hit IT – quite the catch for the project.

The timing seems right for the movie, given the strong performance of IT and other horror franchises this year. While we suspect the movie won’t go anywhere near the level of horror found in those movies, there is potential for a more mainstream take on thrills and chills.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? premiered on Nickelodeon in 1992. The central plot saw a group of friends gathering in the woods, lighting a campfire and telling scary stories. The format of the show allowed each episode to shift between these stories with little trouble – changing cast and characters along the way. Each episode was dedicated to one of these stories.

Interestingly, the show managed to help along several child actors, who went on to star in bigger productions. These include Ryan Gosling (Blade Runner 2049), Jay Baruchel (How to Train Your Dragon), and JoAnna Garcia (Once Upon a Time).

Our Take: This reminds me a lot of the Ghostbusters movie from last year – a film that was better than it had any right to be. The problem, of course, is in hitting that sweet spot between nostalgia and introducing new ideas. Hopefully Paramount can do the source material justice.

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