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When AJ Lee was the WWE Divas Champion, few could argue that she wasn’t the biggest female performer in the company. Working alongside the likes CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, she captivated audiences with solid matches and charisma. But one thing that stood out at the time was the decision to not put the ex-Divas Champion on the popular Total Divas show. Turns out that was her decision.

Promoting her new book, AJ stated that she turned down a role on the show as it clashed with her desire to lead a private life.

“JoJo had just left the show, so they needed a tiny girl to do the same character. They asked me if I wanted to do it and they were like “Here are seven storylines you can pick from”…. I was like “No thank you”. It was odd to represent a real version of myself that had storylines and such. As well as that, I’m very introverted. I like my privacy to be mine.”

“I didn’t realize how offensive that would be [turning down the offer to do the show] and I think Vince McMahon got a kick out of that because people kind of jump at those opportunities and he was kind of fatherly towards me. He came up to me at Raw and was like ‘so you don’t wanna do the show?’ I said no and he’s like ‘ok well, tell us why today’ and that was it. They gave me a live mic and I guess nobody knew I was doing it.”

It’s certainly interesting to see how Superstars are approached and managed on Total Divas. Of course we all know that the show isn’t real – no one can be as annoying as Eva Marie on a daily basis. It’s interesting to hear that Vince took this well, and handed AJ Lee a live microphone.

It seems that this led to her infamous pipebomb against the rest of the Divas locker room – arguably the catalyst for the changes that came further down the line.

Do you think AJ Lee was right to turn down the role?

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