AJ Styles has had an amazing year in #WWE – becoming one of the company’s most consistent performers and delivering some of the best matches ever seen inside a WWE ring. Yet it seems he still retains a sense of humbleness about him, telling Sky Sports that he isn’t bothered at all by part-timers taking big spots on the Wrestlemania card.

Speaking on the Gorilla Position Podcast, Styles explained that he isn’t annoyed by Lesnar and Goldberg being at the top of the Wrestlemania card;

“Goldberg and what Brock and him have done together, has made sure people are gonna come and watch WrestleMania. They want to see this match. And if they come to see them, they also have to come to see me. And now I will have an opportunity to impress them, while they’re there. And I will make AJ fans, or Shane fans out of them”


He continued on from this – defending part-timers in WWE and their use in the company:

“Am I mad at these guys for being superstars and the ultimate that everybody knows? Absolutely not. When they say: Oh, part-timers they come in and do that… You know what, let them be part-timers. If they can do that, they have earned it. And to tell you the truth, when they are not here that is more money in my pocket. So that is not a bad thing, let’s work together. I don’t care who is on top as long as we are all able to pay our bills”


It’s certainly a different stance to that of previous top-WWE talent. WWE has increasingly been using part-timers in recent years, allowing the likes of The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg to hold their major Championships.

Most famously, CM Punk was infuriated by the way part-timers like The Rock were allowed to walk into the Wrestlemania main event. It was that frustration that saw the former WWE Champion leave the company in anger.

What’s your opinion? Are part-timers a good thing in WWE?


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