With the James Bond movie rights still up in the air, it seems every major studio (outside of Disney) are looking to get their hands on MGM and Eon’s hot property. That includes Apple and Amazon, who are reportedly very interested in picking up the rights for their own use.

According to the THR, it seems that both Apple and Amazon are looking very closely at the film rights for James Bond, which are currently out to tender. While Warner Bros remain the favourite to nab the rights, the sheer emergence of the two digital platforms underlines just how serious the pair are in their ambitious plans.

More interestingly, the pair have entered bids which are slightly above the average – suggesting that there may be more at stake than just movie rights. There have been whispers that a James Bond television spin-off is in the mix, with Apple and Amazon potentially looking to distribute such media on their own platforms. As Netflix has shown with their use of the Marvel license – it can be a huge audience grabber to have big names in your digital store.

It’s not just Apple and Amazon in the hunt for the James Bond rights. Sony, the ones who released all the recent outings, are looking to get the distribution rights back. Both SPECTRE and Skyfall raked in over $1 billion at the box office – the highest in the series. Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Universal and Annapurna Pictures are all reportedly making bids as well.

With Daniel Craig finally signed up for the next outing, it only adds to the potential value of the franchise. Throw in the recent talk of a cinematic universe, and it’s understandable why studios are falling over themselves to get their hands on the movie rights.

It’s an amazingly ambitious move from the pair, both of whom are looking to get their feet firmly into the movie distribution game. While it’s unlikely they’ll win – don’t count out the pair.


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