As we know, Scott Cawthon, the creator and developer of Five Nights at Freddy’s, has created many different variations of the some of the most loved animatronic villains in the horror industry. Recently, he has released illustrated teasers of a new style of the Five Nights at Freddy’s characters, and even a completely new animatronic character on Today, we will look deeper into these images and analyze various aspects of them.

The first thing to note about these teasers is their names. When the image of Freddy Fazbear is saved, it is titled “Twisted Freddy.” When this imagine is brightened, two number codes are revealed. When typed into the URL address of, two other images are revealed. As we know, there is a book coming out called, “FNAF: The Twisted Ones.” Therefore, it is most likely that these illustrations have something to do with the book rather than a new game. Perhaps there will be new variations of the characters in the book.

Along with Freddy are two other images, one of Twisted Bonnie and a completely new wolf character. A major difference between the previous teasers that Scott Cawthon has released compared to these three is that the new ones are illustrated, rather than being in the style of a 3-D model. A guess would be that the book could be illustrated, and these are showing us exactly that without directly saying it. Perhaps it is in that style because these images are teasing us for the book instead of a new game.

Another big mystery is who the new wolf character is and why he is designed the way he is. This character has never been seen before, but takes on the appearance of a vicious canine-like appearance. The biggest difference between this character and others is that he seems to be part regular animal and part animatronic. This is the biggest question that cannot currently have a solid answer. When it comes to this mystery, time will tell who this character is, why he is part animal and animatronic, and what his significance is to the story.

The character designs are also being questioned by the fans of the popular series. The characters seem to have a resemblance to the Nightmare animatronics of FNAF 4, but even more vicious than before. A lot of the character’s fur seems to be melted off, and there are bubbles rising from their animatronic suits. A few guesses are that the animatronics have been burned, and this could be the result of the Fazbear’s Fright fire from FNAF 3; this is the aftermath of that fire. Considering the fact that it appears Twisted Freddy is crawling out a fiery place, this is a very likely theory. However, we cannot be too sure why they have this very distinct appearance as of now.

The last major question is where the other major characters have gone. Chica and Foxy are two of the most popular reoccurring characters, but they have not shown their face in a teaser quite yet. Scott Cawthon could reveal them in teasers down the line, but they have not been showcased just yet. It could be a possibility that they could not show up at all, considering Chica was not in the latest game release for FNAF, Sister Location, at all. Perhaps the new wolf character could be the replacement for Foxy since they are both canines, but once again, we cannot be too sure.

There is a lot of theories and information to take from these new teaser images, and it is a definite that Scott will reveal more and leave us with even more questions in the near future. As for now, we can only theorize and guess what the future of FNAF will have in store for its fans.


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