Minecraft: Story Mode’s season two trailer has been released today, and it is looking epic. From the entrancing music and voice acting to the dramatic story line, it seems there is more in store for this season than we originally anticipated. It seems to be even better than the first season, at least we can hope. This trailer has officially raised the stakes for this season to be even better than the last.

The style of the game has seemed to stay the same. The animations and the way the characters build are exactly the same as the first season, which is both a blessing and a curse. It always had a certain charm about it that set it apart from other Telltale games – but it also means that we shouldn’t expect anything truly groundbreaking. Sadly Telltale seem intent on sticking with the same core engine that they’ve been using since the original Walking Dead. If you liked the first Season, I guess there’s no harm there.

The story also seems to take a similar path to the original. Things start out positively, before an ominous voice whispers Jesse’s name in a very loud and menacing tone. (Jesse is the main protagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode.) After that, we can see that there are some new characters introduced to the series. Keeping the same core characters as the last season makes sense, if for no other reason than they were the only marketable thing to emerge from that title. Really it’s the new characters I’m interested in seeing more of. The characters suffered from a few depth problems in the first season – here’s hoping that isn’t the case in Season Two.

Part of the reason for this is that Season One’s overall arc felt like it lacked drive at points. Like the developers didn’t quite know what to do next. It meant some of the episodes had hugely memorable moments – while others felt like filler. Given that there were more episodes in this game than in traditional Telltale outings – this wasn’t so much of a problem. You also have to remember that this game is largely marketed at younger audiences – so it’s hard to be too cynical that the action in this trailer sticks to predictable beats. I just wouldn’t enter the game expecting anything truly revolutionary.

Case in point – the trailer shows off the choice dynamic pretty openly. In the first season – a lot of the choices felt slightly inconsequential. Like the developers were too afraid to offer proper choices – so they made ones where gamers couldn’t lose. Obviously some of the bigger ones were more “true” Telltale – and I’m hoping we get to see more of those throughout the second season.

It’s easy to be cynical about this game. A hugely popular franchise spinning itself off in the hunt for more cash. I know a lot of gamers didn’t take to the first season – but obviously enough did for this sequel to come. Telltale and Mojang need to ensure that the weaker elements of the first game (aka the crafting system) are given more focus and development in this game. Minecraft holds a lot of potential – and only if they bring that experience to the game will people be crowing about it.

The game will officially be released on July 11th, but there will be a demonstration play-through of the game on July 9th. More information on this sneak peek play-through can found here. This trailer seems to hold a lot of promise for the second season, and certainly brought on the action-packed drama that many fans were hoping for. The second season needs to live up to its very successful and popular first, especially since the developers have set very high standards from releasing such an impactful trailer.