One of the biggest differences between comic book  The Walking Dead and the television show is that the television show hasn’t committed one of the strongest moments of maiming to its main character, Rick Grimes. Turns out that Andrew Lincoln, the actor playing him, is totally down for that to be translated should the moment arise.

Discussing the topic during New York Comic Con 2017 – Andrew Lincoln, the actor who portrays Rick Grimes on the television show, has admitted that he has strongly petitioned the shows creative powers to let the hand chopping commence (via BleedingCool)

According to The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, the main reason this hasn’t happened on the show is that it would complicate action scenes. With the show relying on Rick to be the main driving force behind these kinds of scenes, it’s somewhat understandable. Kirkman also went on to give examples of scenes that would have been much harder to write on the television show had Rick not had the use of both hands.

Comic book fans of The Walking Dead already know that Rick loses his hand. It’s arguably the biggest thing that happens to Rick in the comic which hasn’t been translated to the television programme. It occurs in The Walking Dead #28 when Rick Grimes encounters the Governor. After refusing to tell him where the camp was, the Governor chopped off Rick’s right hand. He eventually got it replaced with a claw – but that’s not really a suitable replacement in the world of the Walking Dead.

As you can tell, the window for copying that particular storyline has long since passed. In the television show, the Governor has already been offed and Rick managed to hold on to his precious digits. He was offed at the end of Season 4 – which was a long while ago in the show’s canon of events.

It’s an interesting discussion and showcases just how different the show is from its comic book sources.

Would you want to see The Walking Dead commit hand chopping to Andrew Lincoln’s Rick??

Season 8 of The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 22nd.


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