The other day, we reported that Asuka had picked up an injury during her hugely impressive NXT Women’s Championship match against Ember Moon. Speculation has mounted in the days since over whether Asuka would hold on to the Championship or drop it due to the 8-week injury. Turns out WWE has answered the question for us, announcing on its website that the long-reigning champion has vacated the Championship.

The news comes via, which states;

“NXT Women’s Champion Asuka relinquished her title to NXT General Manager William Regal tonight at Full Sail University in Orlando, Fla. After her dominant performance and historic 500-plus day reign as NXT Women’s Champion, The Empress of Tomorrow looks to her future for new opportunities in WWE, though no specific details are known at this time. Her reign will officially end on the date that her historic announcement airs.”

It gives a strong indication that this is the end of Asuka’s presence on NXT, meaning she’ll be heading to Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live in the near future.

There are two trains of thought on this. The first one is that it’s great for Asuka and WWE, in that it allows them to move Asuka to the main brand undefeated. That is arguably more valuable a commodity than anything else – and gives Asuka a huge leaping pad. The flipside to this is that it’s bad for the NXT Women’s Championship. Paige did this when she moved to the main roster too, vacating the title as she departed the NXT brand. It makes the belt look weak in the short term.

But with bad luck comes opportunity. Someone else can pick up the Championship now and make their legacy on the NXT brand.

Who should be the next NXT Women’s Champion? Do you think this is the right decision by WWE?

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