WWE just can’t catch a break when it comes to injuries. No sooner had Asuka competed in an excellent match at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III than bad luck strikes. WWE has confirmed that Asuka has sustained a collarbone injury – potentially leaving the Superstar on the shelf for 6-8 weeks.

WWE.com confirmed that the NXT Superstar will not be cleared to wrestle for up to 8 weeks;

Due to the injury, The Empress of Tomorrow is not medically cleared to compete, and no official timetable has been given for her return. The typical recovery time for a broken collarbone is 6-8 weeks, according to ringside physician Dr. Jeffrey Westerfield, who tended to Asuka in Brooklyn.

Dr. Westerfield gave an update on the condition of Asuka on WWE.com – where he made clear that the injury was sustained during the NXT TakeOver match with Ember Moon;

“During the match, she landed awkwardly from a throw from Ember Moon and was able to complete the match, but had notable pain and discomfort… We performed an initial ultrasound backstage that was highly suspicious of a break that was later confirmed by an X-ray.”

Asuka is currently in the run of her life, having held the NXT Women’s Championship for a record-setting 507-days. Since arriving in NXT, the women’s wrestler has remained unbeaten. That run stretches all the way back to October 2015.

Asuka competed at NXT Brooklyn TakeOver III against Ember Moon. The match was arguably the best on the card, with both women coming off strong during the exchange. In the end, Asuka was able to overcome the challenger – leaving Ember Moon short in her attempts to become the NXT Women’s Champion.

It presents an opportunity for WWE to remove the belt from Asuka without her taking the pin. Many fans have speculated over just how WWE planned to get the belt off her while keeping her undefeated streak intact.  Speculation suggested she was pencilled in to appear on tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw. We’d be surprised if she made that debut now.

WWE has, in recent history, stripped Championships from injured competitors. Naomi was forced to vacate the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship weeks before Wrestlemania, after suffering an ill-timed injury. Would WWE want to do the same here?

What do you think should happen now to the NXT Women’s Championship?

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