With Asuka arriving on the Monday Night Raw in just two weeks time, audiences have been waiting to see just who would step up to welcome her to the brand. Tonight on Raw, Kurt Angle set out a match to crown that person – with five women competing for the chance to face The Empress of Tomorrow at the TLC pay per view.

Turns out that she’ll be taking on Emma when she arrives, in a rematch from their NXT Takeover London match from 2015. The two competed in the opening match of that NXT event, putting on a strong match.

The storyline reason for the match was simple, all of the women (bar Nia Jax) wanted to face Asuka when she arrived on Monday Night Raw. Originally Bayley and Sasha Banks made their cases to be the first women to face her, but other women entered the picture soon after. Kurt Angle took the decision to set a match up to settle the argument, leading to an elimination match between all the women.

As well as establishing the first opponent for Asuka, the match also continued to press the upcoming friendship breakdown between Sasha Banks and Bayley, both of whom were in each other’s faces throughout the match. It led to Bayley being pinned by Alicia Fox.

Emma makes sense as the first port of call for Asuka. Both have a history in the ring and that’s something WWE can work off upon her arrival. Whether the match is as competitive as the last outing between the pair remains in question – it’s unlikely WWE would want their new Superstar to look weak upon arrival. Emma fans may be disappointed if they’re expecting anything other than a squash match, I suspect.

What do you think, was Emma the right choice for the incoming Asuka? Will the two have a good match at WWE TLC?


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