Baron Corbin’s run as Money in the Bank winner hasn’t been all that memorable. The general conscientious¬†is that he would cash in on Sunday at WWE SummerSlam, granting WWE a way to avoid putting the belt on Shinsuke Nakamura so soon. Turns out, fans were a bit too optimistic – as Baron only went failed to cash in his contract during the main event of Smackdown Live.

Baron Corbin approached the ring at the end of Smackdown Live, attacking John Cena. As Corbin left the ring, he turned back and realized that Jinder Mahal was not in a position to defend himself. Because of this, Corbin re-entered the ring and signaling that he wanted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

When the bell rang, Corbin turned around to attack John Cena, who was climbing the apron. Seeing his moment to escape, Jinder Mahal rolled up the challenger and pinned him. The result left the live audience and social media shocked – as Baron Corbin had wasted his opportunity.

In WWE, the holder of the Money in the Bank contract has the ability to invoke a WWE Championship match at a time of their choosing. Typically this is done when the reigning WWE Champion is in a weakened state. Only twice before has the contract failed to be cashed in, John Cena and Damien Sandow being the unlucky recipients of that honor.

The reaction has been…. volatile…..

My big problem with this (and the view of many fans) is that it paints his character as incredibly dumb. Like seriously dumb. He didn’t have to cash in there, he could have waited for any moment. But instead, he had to do it while John Cena was hovering around ringside – a factor that proved fateful.

It leaves Corbin with a grudge match against Cena on Sunday, but not much else heading out of SummerSlam. We’ll have to wait and see just how Corbin and WWE respond to this.