How to use a live odds screen

Live betting is a genre of the sports betting industry where the bettors are allowed to wager during a live match, even after the games have started, or the lines are drawn. It can depict everything from new odds or lines on the spread to the money line and the totals that change as the game progresses. Bettors can lock in the profits even before the game starts and also during the betting.

In this article, were going to cover the topics that are associated with live odds screens like:

  • Live odds screen comparison
  • Tracking the line movement
  • Using the live odds screen to predict the markets


Every bettor must have knowledge about the live odds screen. However, the lack of sufficient knowledge in today’s world results in the bleak opportunities for the realization in the odds software.


Different types of odd live screens

There exist two main types of screens – the corporate and the utility screens, where the former is also called the odds comparison website—the primary difference between the two lies with speed. Utility odd screens are often in the form of stand-alone pieces where the users can download the piece of software on to their computers or tablets. It also provides bettors with a wide range of customer options.

Many of the corporate websites earn revenue through various affiliate links, and despite many uses, the results are often on delay. As a result of this, they significantly cost more and also updates immediately with their APIs. This directly narrows us down to the relation – the quicker the feed, the higher the cost and the more the information, higher is the advantage provided to the players or bettors.

Timestamps on odd live screens

The odd screens generally consist of the times stamp screen which comprises of the history of all the changes in the odds and their movements. No one bettor will sit and monitor the screen all day long. It is typical for the bettors to miss specific of movements. This time screen shows the history of the odds and also allows to knack and track the line movement. It is one of the essential features as they say a lot about the types of bettors in the market. If the time duration is shorter, then the move is highly influential.

The value of experience

We suggest the bettors improve in their ability to watch the live time screen and judge the outcomes. This is because by watching the live screen, the bettors can quickly get the feeling to control the odds and the prices the bookmakers offer. Although at first, this can appear as a mess, it still comprises of some essential data essentials that can aid the bettors in day-to-day betting activities.

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