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Bluehole certainly knows what it takes to become a big player in the video games industry, having conquered the PC gaming space this year with PUBG. Now the developer is seemingly turning its attention towards a new title – Ascent: Infinite Realm.

The trailer for Ascent: Infinite Realm (shown above) showcases a surprising amount of the game – well over five minutes of footage. It shows off a huge amount of battles involving dragons, airships and all manner of weapons. The game appears to be focussed around PvP combat, as the website reveals;

‘Using airships, flying mounts or free falling, you can experience multi-dimensional battles through warfare in the open sky.”

The game also looks to feature a number of player classes, including;

  • Sorceress
  • Mythic
  • Warlord
  • Assassin
  • Gunslinger

The game also hints that gamers will be able to develop their own in-game communities – something we’d love to see play out. The trick with this game will be seeing if Bluehole is up to the task of maintaining two hugely ambitious titles at once.

Bluehole shot to prominence in 2017 with their insanely popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. That game has proven such a monumental hit on PC that it’s managed to break some of Steam’s all-time player records. Despite that success, some gamers are growing vocally annoyed at the slow pace of development – with the game failing to reach it’s 1.0 release candidate at the time of writing.

The game is also set to land on Microsoft’s Xbox One – as revealed at this year’s E3 conference. That version of PUBG is set to land before the end of 2017.

Our Take: Bluehole certainly couldn’t have chosen a more ambitious title for their second outing. The only problem is that the studio is so fledgling, it may be stretching itself too thin. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds remains buggy and many of the players of that game are patiently waiting to see it emerge from early access. 

Only time will tell if the developer can manage these expectations.

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