There’s a lot of unknowns about the BBC’s Doctor Who right now. From the plot of the upcoming Christmas Special to everything related to Season 11 onwards, fans have a lot of pondering to make. So it must have been a surprise when BBC Radio seemingly confirmed, without intention, that there’s a major surprise appearance planned for that Christmas episode.

While discussing the Doctor Who show, BBC Radio 2’s Steven Wright stated the following;

“Fans will have to wait until the Christmas special to see Peter Capaldi’s time as the Doctor come to an end… but today it has been announced that former companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, will be making a guest appearance as the Doctor regenerates. Wow!”

What’s amazingly awkward is that it hadn’t been announced by BBC. In fact, the only source on the story was the UK’s Daily Mirror – which had run the story as a rumor.

It seems that the BBC disc jockey may have prematurely jumped the gun when it came to labeling the news as confirmed – effectively giving away one of the biggest spoilers on the upcoming Christmas special.

To be fair, Doctor Who has a habit of wheeling out old companions during the final episodes. David Tennant got to meet all of his former companions, while Matt Smith got a gorgeously sweet moment with Amy Pond. The fact Clara might come back for one final goodbye isn’t a surprise – but the fact the news has seemingly come in this form is more perplexing.

It’s amusing still when you consider just how well-kept the secret of the identity of the next Doctor Who has been. Despite numerous rumors and suggestions, it seems no one has been able to get a handle on that juicy piece of news yet.

Are you excited to see Clara return for the Christmas Special?


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