The second chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine, titled The Old Song, is out and it is exciting. Bendy and the Ink Machine is a horror puzzle game available on Gamejolt with a one of a kind art style, thrilling characters, and an interesting concept like none other. There are many notes I have made after experiencing this chapter, good and bad. Overall, it was wonderful and exhilarating, but at the same time, there were things that could be improved on.

I will start off with the positives. The scene for Chapter 2 was underground from where the first chapter was set. This time, it was in the Music Department, hence the chapter name. There were new enemies that I felt added to the whole experience and added even more of an adrenaline rush for the player. The ink puddles on the ground came to life as the player had to fight them off with their axe. To go along with these inky enemies was Bendy himself, who gave an intense chase for the player. This new 3-D Bendy enemy was not only terrifying, but just plain cool. The new characters and enemies truly made this chapter even greater than the first one.

The sounds and voice acting for this chapter were phenomenal. Bendy and the Ink Machine has a great tone and intense music for the chase scenes. It really fits the mood for the entire game. When it comes to voice acting, it makes this chapter even creepier and intriguing. The story told through the voice acting helps the player solve the puzzles to progress in the game, which is helpful and nice. As a whole, the sounds of the game are a plus.

When it comes to the puzzles in the game, they help balance out the amount of scares and adds lots of challenge for the player. Considering this game is centred around puzzle solving, it has to be at a perfect balance to make it a fair game. Bendy and the Ink Machine has been successful at doing that. While having the player focus so much on solving the puzzles to progress, it makes the scares and chases scenes even more unexpected and scary. This really works in the game’s favor.

In Bendy and the Ink Machine, the amount of scares is just right and suits wonderfully. They are not overdone at all, but when they come, they are sure to shock the player. The factor of the unknown helps make these scary scenes even more intense and powerful. Minimum jump scares allow for the chase scenes to take centre stage.

The ending of chapter 2 leaves an epic cliffhanger for the player. At the end, Boris, one of the characters from chapter 1, reveals himself and is standing there. This is during the chase scene with Bendy. It was very breathtaking and sudden, which made it a perfect way to end this chapter of the game.

There was a criticism a had for the game, however. The save mechanic for me was way off and missing the mark. Instead of having progress save points, the game would start you back at the beginning of the chapter if the player died. Considering these chapters are long and the puzzles can be difficult, this is a real downfall for the game. If the save mechanic can be fixed, then there will be next to no issues for me when it comes to this game.

As a whole, I was very impressed by chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine. It was thrilling and hair-raising for every player, and had the right mix of scare and challenge. I would recommend Bendy and the Ink Machine for any horror fan who loves puzzles and mysteries. The next chapter is definitely something to look forward to in the near future.