Facts about a live odds screen

Traditionally you were required to place your bet before the game started and then your doors of doing anything were closed, but soon this system was modified to allow bettors a modified experience. Live betting is where bettors can place their bets based on how things are going in the sporting event. It neither old not new, but the different approach surely attracted a whole bunch of new players to the market.

Value meter:

The value meter is a very important feature of the Live Odds screen. It allows the users to know and analyze the games which are offering value based on various factors.  The option is programmed inside the account and is just clicks away. The user-friendly design allows the bettor to find any service in mere seconds.


Bookmarkers play an important role in the whole process. The first and foremost thing is it allows the selection of bookmarkers. The initial step of sports betting. There will be dozens of events displayed on the odds screen.


You can’t keep a track all the time. Perhaps you went to sleep or have a cup of coffee, in this time you miss the odds movement. By Time Stamp, you can go back and track the line movement. You can tell how quickly the move occurred or the margin. It reveals a bigger picture of the bettor in the market.

various screens provide and notify you about the various developments in the game including the recent developments and injury/ suspensions. This way you are aware of the happenings of the game and equipped with proper knowledge.

live odds screen

At first Live Odds screen can be a real mess and apart from flashing colors and numbers, you wouldn’t understand anything but if you take a little time and organize it in such a way that everything is organized, you can certainly have a watchful eye over the market. The more you watch the screen, the more you will learn from it. You may take help from anyone who knows but when it comes to learning, it usually happens within.


Live Odds screens are user-friendly, though it may seem a little hectic at first when you start using it, you will soon get the hold of it. They are designed to meet your needs. You can customize your Live Odds Screen according to your comfortability, change margins or regions. It depends upon your convenience as to how you wish to do it.


One of the marvels technology has brought it to us is that it has made our life more convenient and if you can’t go to the racecourse, the course will come to you. The Live Odds screen helps you keep an eye on the game and tracking the sporting event bit by bit. Whether you fall asleep or went outside, you will have a proper history of the happenings during your absence.


Live Odds displays are user-friendly, but when you start using them it may seem very stressful at first, you’ve got to take it early. It is built to fulfill the requirements. You should adapt your Live Odds Screen to your convenience, margins or regions. How you want to do that depends on your comfort.


In earlier times, when you placed a bet, you were required to do it before the game but the Live betting system changed everything. You can now place the bet when the game is already unfolding and to keep a watch over it, you have the odds screen. Easy to understand, the screen can be customized according to your needs and requirements. Though there may be certain things to get a hold on first before you start making sense of the screen with a little concentration, you can get the hang of it. The odds screen acts as a glass that magnifies your sporting event and guides it.

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