Getting new actors to bring to life iconic characters is a tough deal. It can take years to find the write voice for the role. So it’s with pleasant surprise that we’ve found out Big Bang Theory’s¬†Melissa Rauch (aka the one who plays Bernadette) will be taking up the iconic role of Harley Quinn this summer.

The news comes via Empire Online, who revealed that Rauch will be taking up the iconic DC supervillain. Rauch told Empire;

“I love that Harley is a badass and, beyond that, that she uses her humor as another weapon in her arsenal… She knows just how to diffuse a situation with her humor, and how to incite a situation with her sarcasm. It’s a dream role.”


Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette on the CBS series ‘Big Bang Theory’,¬†will debut as the DC supervillain in the animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn. This flick will see the duo actually teaming up, along with Nightwing, to take on Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue.

I have to say that, giving this casting some thought, it’s actually incredibly well thought out. Rauch has the kind of sinister voice that would make the role work – something that’s been teased on Big Bang Theory itself. Given that show has just been renewed for a further two seasons (and given Rauch will getting much more money for those two seasons), we don’t think there’s any danger of her abandoning her popular role quite yet.

That being said, we look forward to seeing her take up the role.

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