It’s safe to say that Rose remains one of the most important Doctor Who companions. Teaming up with both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant’s Doctors, she became a strong fan favourite – with many fans speculating that she had deeper feelings for her Time Lord friend. Turns out that the actress portraying Rose, Bliie Piper, believes she’d still have the hots for the incoming female Time Lord.

The comments came after an appearance at Dragon Con over the weekend – where Piper was questioned on that very topic. After fans reacted with glee, the actress took to Twitter to confirm the comments.

Piper has been very clear that she believes the appointment of Whittaker is a positive step for Doctor Who to take, saying previously telling an audience at another FanExpo that she doesn’t believe it would change anything in regards to previous relationships;

“If they’re going to change the world and travel through time, they’re gonna have to have a strong allegiance,”

“I think this is just the beginning of something really exciting. It’s not gonna be traditional. It’s gonna be modern and progressive.”

“But it will always be about needing each other, regardless of whether the doctor is a girl or a guy or a cat, y’know.”

“It’s always going to be a beautiful union.”

The announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor caused something of a stir back in July. The first female lead to the BBC’s long-running show was something some fans were clearly not ready for. Overall though, the general reaction has been positive – more than the news that Bradley Walsh might be stepping into the role of companion.

Who knows, maybe somewhere down the line, we’ll get that Rose/Doctor reunion. It would be fun to see how some of the older companions take the change in The Doctor’s gender.

Doctor Who returns on Christmas Day.

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