We’ve known for the longest time that EA and Bioware were working on a new IP. It’s been mentioned in conference calls and various outlets over the last 2-3 years. Now during EA’s Play event – we got our first look at what that new entity will be. Say hello to Anthem.

The teaser gives us a unique world and a heap of potential for the game – showing off a ruined world and a big wall. There’s also a heap of sci-fi elements, like a giant robot and lots of debris lying around. Certainly it’s a departure from the overly clean worlds Bioware crafted in its Mass Effect outing.

The full reveal for Anthem will take place during Microsoft’s big E3 Showcase in a few days. It’ll be a huge moment for Microsoft, who’s in need of some great games to help bolster it’s Xbox lineup.

It should be noted that Bioware Edmonton have been working on this title for a good while now. It was mentioned as far back as 2015, when it was revealed that they wouldn’t be taking charge of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Instead their time and effort has been poured into this game – which they and EA are pinning a lot of hope on.

Given the tepid response to the most recent Mass Effect outing, one has to wonder if the gamble can payoff. Sure Anthem looks interesting, but we can’t really offer any detailed analysis until we see the game in motion – which we won’t for a few days yet. There’s a lot riding on this game, considering that Bioware effectively handed off it’s other major franchise to make this possible. If it fails to deliver, audiences may not be so forgiving of that decision.

We’ll reserve judgement for now though.

Are you excited to see more from Anthem?


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  1. Am I excited to see Anthem? In a word, no. If I want co-op, I’ll play multiplayer. Or, better yet, play Overwatch. I had hoped that the game that Bioware sacrificed Mass Effect Andromeda for would be an immersive game in the same or similar vein of Mass Effect, not a group shooter game like the Division or Destiny. I don’t play those games. I don’t want to play those games. I want a game like the Witcher or Dragon Age or Mass Effect that has a great, gripping story, incredible characters and graphics, and makes me fall in love with the world of the game. Anthem is pretty but I have no interest in being Iron Man. And I will not be preordering or ordering this game.

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