Online gamers know the scourge of hackers. Sadly for every popular online multiplayer game, there’s always a group of players looking to win for themselves. With company’s like German cheat maker Bossland looking to profit from this grey area, it comes as no surprise that Activision Blizzard has finally stamped its foot down in the battle against this practice.

The popular video game developer and publisher has won a cool $8.5 million from Bossland in a lawsuit over the development and distribution of hacks and cheats.

The court order states;

“Bossland materially contributes to infringement by creating the Bossland Hacks, making the Bossland Hacks available to the public, instructing users how to install and operate the Bossland Hacks, and enabling users to use the software to create derivative works,”.

The order also speaks to the harm of reputation these hacks can cause for Blizzard, acknowledging the potential for dissatisfied players when coming into contact with someone using Bossland’s technology. On top of all this, the court has granted Blizzard’s requests for $8,563,600 in damages and $174,872 in attorney’s fees.  Additionally, Bossland is prohibited from distributing its cheats within the United States, in an attempt to prevent further damage.

It’s a pretty damning statement by the court – which backed Blizzard’s entire charge. It’s likely going to be just the starting gun in a protracted war against such company’s. Right now there’s a large underground market for cheats and hacks – with company’s making a killing.

Blizzard’s interests in this are huge, with games like Overwatch and World of Warcraft vulnerable to cheats developed in this manner.

I personally back Blizzard in this one. Hackers and cheats in online games are lame and ruin the fun for everyone else. It’s unlikely to change much in the bigger picture though.

Do you think this was the right judgement in this case?


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