After being hinted at for a while, Brainiac gameplay was finally shown in the last “Shattered Alliance” trailer. NetherRealm has now release more gameplay footage of Brainiac in their latest character focus trailer. Just by the looks of it, it would appear that Brainiac will be a hard character to face against, and just as hard to master.

An enemy of Superman since the Silver Age of comics, Brainiac has always been heavily associated with the last Kryptonian. He is a heartless machine; Brainiac travels the universe and attempts to understand the nature of different worlds. He also has this bad habit of taking entire cities from planets, and sometimes destroying the rest.

His motives seem similar, if not identically, to his comic book counterpart. His gameplay makes it seem as if he has a variety of long reaching moves, all of which appear to create much devastation to his opponents. With several tentacles on his back, he shows a great range of moves that can easily reach enemies from across the screen. He even is shown to have many defensive moves; for example, he can cover himself with his tentacles and make them conduct electricity. Since he looks as if he will be the final boss of the campaign, and the probable Arcade mode that the game may have, it make sense for Brainiac to be a major threat in both offensively and defensively.

His super is pretty interesting; it has him summoning four robot servants, whom then surround his opponent. The servants then tether themselves onto the foe, holding them into place, while Brainiac’s ship arrives above them. A giant laser is shot down on them, annihilating the servants and greatly damaging the enemy fighter.

In general, Brainiac seems like a cool character, but he also looks as if he may be a little bit too cheap. All his moves and combos seem very tricky to block, and they give the impression that they cause great damage. Yet since he is the final boss, it makes sense the trailer will make him look really hard to fight against. However, do you feel as if he may come off as looking too hard? Will he be another cheap end boss akin to many past Mortal Kombat bosses, like Shao Kahn?


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