Brock Lesnar may not have been the most attentive WWE Universal Champion of all time, but that doesn’t stop wrestlers from queuing up to face him. Tonight at WWE Extreme Rules, we found out just which of Monday Night Raw’s lucky (or unlucky, depending how cruel Lesnar feels) will be facing off against The Beast at July’s Great Balls of Fire pay per view. That man will be Samoa Joe.

The contendership was fought between five of Monday Night Raw’s top Superstars. With Braun Strowman injured on the UK Tour, his rumored slot to face Lesnar went up in the air. Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns and Finn Balor competed to make this happen.

Everyone went all out throughout the match, but Samoa Joe managed to sneak the win with his submission finisher at the end. It means that for the first time in his career, Samoa Joe will be competing for one of WWE’s top two Championship belts.

In the weeks building up to Extreme Rules, WWE seemingly was lining up Finn Balor as the main threat to Brock Lesnar’s title. Given that he never technically lost the WWE Universal Championship (He was injured during the match to crown the initial Champion), it gives WWE a huge story to work with.

Great Balls of Fire presents a great opportunity for WWE to remind Monday Night Raw fans why they should care about Lesnar as Champion. Given that he’s added nothing of value to the brand since Wrestlemania, there’ll be plenty of eyes on the former UFC Champion to see if he can achieve this.

Samoa Joe has won numerous Championships elsewhere in the industry, including the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Are you happy with this match at Great Balls of Fire? Who would you have preferred to face Brock Lesnar at the next Raw exclusive pay per view?