There’s been a lot of unrest among Destiny 2’s community recently. With a lack of communication from Bungie adding to frustrations, many have taken to community boards to express anger. Now the development team behind the game has come forward, explaining how it plans to make things right.

Taking to Bungie’s blog, the team behind Destiny 2 have clarified what is coming up – attempting to quell anger among the game’s fanbase that DLC was drying up already. In the post, directors Luke Smith and Chris Barrett wrote;


“We know it’s frustrating when there isn’t enough of a dialog with the development team… You have our commitment that we’re going to do a better job going forward.”

Smith and Barrett went on to address the issues many players have had with Destiny 2’s endgame – aka, there really isn’t one to speak of;

“Going forward, Destiny 2’s post-launch game systems, features, and updates are being designed specifically to focus on and support players who want Destiny to be their hobby – the game they return to, and a game where friendships are made… We want Destiny to be a game that fits into your life, providing you with reasons to log in and play with your friends, clans, and families. We want Destiny to be a world you want to be a part of.

A few additions are set to be implemented on December 5th with the launch of the downloadable content Curse of Osiris. The team has indicated that more content will be forthcoming through the remainder of December and into January.

One such addition will be “Masterwork” weapons, which Bungie are saying will have

“stat trackers, random, re-rollable stat bonuses, unique item tooltips, and item details screens.”

These are essentially elite versions of legendary purple weapons, with Bungie stating you’ll be able to upgrade current legendaries to Masterworks (Or just find them out and about in the wild).

The developers have also promised to add more armor ornaments in as a more long-term way of customising your character. The current consumable shader system has left some gamers distinctly unimpressed. A full list of the changes can be found over on the Bungie Blog (It’s quite exhaustive).

To close out the blog, the pair reaffirmed their desire to do right by gamers and give them the experience they’ve been craving;

“Going forward, we plan to continue this dialog as openly and frequently as possible. This will be an ongoing process, but one that we are committed to.

This week we’ll be publishing a new episode of the Bungie Podcast where we will sound off on the current state of Destiny 2, how we think about our communication challenges, and what it takes to update the game in the wild. You’ll be able to listen on both Apple and Android devices.

Thank you for playing, for being passionate about the Destiny 2 experience, and for working with us as we look to continuously improve our game and studio communication.”

Our Take: Bungie are making a lot of promises. The problem is that Destiny 1 had similar problems – problems that never really went away during that games lifespan. Here’s hoping they can win over angry gamers – or Bungie may have bigger problems on its hands.


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