Tips on How to Read a Sports Betting Live Odds Screen

Most of the sports bettors primarily concentrate on the result – that is in picking the winners. They do so, by following various methods like handcapping and also lounge on to the websites or visit their local Sportsbooks to place a bet. However, for seasoned bettors or the ones that solely concentrate on learning the strategy, they concentrate on the elevations of the game. This can be done using live odd screen services.

Over the years, this concept of odd live services has increased immensely. This also requires the knowledge of real-time odds that are vital for the majority of sports like football and basketball. However, many other sports like MLB do not require the bettor to possess these skills. Hence, it is imperative for any level bettors, to possess the knowledge of all kinds of betting strategies.

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How to read the Odds Screen

Any odds screen comprise of various columns that depict the changing odds of the game. For instance, consider a column for the Pinnacle and the CRIS. CRIS is the originator line, which means the bettors who bet on this are the first to post. Sometimes the Sportsbooks open before the CRIS, which means they can offer lower limits to match with the lower limits of the CRIS. Pinnacle is used to take sizeable bets from various sharp bettors. The Sportsbooks that operate offline generally use these clones and information from online sources.

Moving On Air

It is a common phrase that is used in the community for sports betting and is generally used when a bettor places their bet on the CRIS or the Pinnacle on the onset of the game. This phrase is used out of fear to prevent other bettors from stepping in and placing their bets. However, this method is bleak as it provides a smaller option across the market, without producing a drastic variation in the line.



The betting pattern can often lead to clues in the market about a specific teams’ win. However, the sportsbooks’ merely move the lines so that the bettors think that the players have a history of success. By doing so, the bettors will automatically bet on such teams which comprise of the player. Hence, the market will remain stagnant or will not move wither for or against the player.


Alters are probably one of the best tools offered to us in the sports betting sector. It means how the team moves to make the number available to the bettors, and there exists millions of way to do so.

Bottom Line

Reading the odds on-screen is followed by a lot of feelings. Hence a seasoned player, who is into the game every week can grasp and predict whether or not the line of the bet will move consistently at one point or the other.

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