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  • Mar 22 2017

    Video Game Icons – Freddy Fazbear

    ScreenCritics Madison enters Freddy Fazbear into the hall of Video Game Icons as indie-horror gaming’s most iconic villain.

  • Mar 22 2017

    Video Game Icons – Dante

    ScreenCritics Sam welcomes Devil May Cry’s protagonist, Dante, to Video Game Icons as the cocky, loud-mouthed demon slayer of gaming.

  • Mar 17 2017

    Video Game Icons – Doomguy

    Doomguy blasts into the hall of Video Game Icons as the silent but deadly protagonist of id Software’s legendary ultra-violent Doom series.

  • Mar 10 2017

    Video Game Icons – Ryu Hayabusa

    Join ScreenCritics Sam as he welcomes Ryu Hayabusa – the protagonist of Ninja Gaiden – into the Video Game Icons series as gaming’s coolest ninja.

  • Mar 07 2017

    Video Game Icons – Scorpion

    ScreenCritics Misael Duran takes a look back at one of Mortal Kombat’s most iconic combatants – the ever violent Scorpion.

  • Feb 27 2017

    Video Game Icons – Solid Snake

    Hideo Kojima’s Solid Snake enters the hall of Video Game Icons as ScreenCritics Sam reveals why he is the first true lone wolf of the stealth genre.

  • Feb 17 2017

    Video Game Icons – Vault Boy

    Fallout’s Vault Boy enters the vault of Video Game Icons as the first mascot of the series to not be a playable character but influence a generation.

  • Feb 06 2017

    Video Game Icons – Jin Kazama

    ScreenCritics Sam explores the massive roster of Tekken characters for a standout new Video Game Icon – Jin Kazama, the Mishima successor.

  • Feb 01 2017

    Video Game Icons – Chris Redfield

    Chris Redfield enters the Video Game Icons hall of fame as the muscle of the Resident Evil series and one of survival horror’s poster boys.

  • Jan 19 2017

    Video Game Icons – Nathan Drake

    ScreenCritics Sam gives Uncharted’s leading adventurer, Nathan Drake, the Video Game Icons treatment as the modern king of the action adventure genre.

  • Jan 17 2017

    Video Game Icons – Vaas Montenegro

    ScreenCritics Sam defines insanity with Vaas Montenegro, the central antagonist of Far Cry 3 and one of gaming’s most memorable villains.

  • Jan 03 2017

    Video Game Icons – Kratos

    ScreenCritics Sam explores the impact of God of War’s Kratos, the brutal Spartan warrior, and his iconic status within the gaming community.

  • Dec 21 2016

    Video Game Icons – Ezio Auditore da Firenze

    ScreenCritics Sam enters Ezio Auditore da Firenze into the Video Game Icons series as the defining figure of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

  • Dec 18 2016

    Video Game Icons – Duke Nukem

    ScreenCritics Sam explores the rise and fall of the gaming industries crudest anti-hero, Duke Nukem, and what made him an iconic character.

  • Dec 13 2016

    Video Game Icons – Master Chief

    ScreenCritics Sam introduces Master Chief, the face of Xbox and gaming’s most recognized supersoldier, to the wall of iconic video game characters.

  • Dec 08 2016

    Video Game Icons – Crash Bandicoot

    ScreenCritics Sam reflects on the legacy of PlayStation’s beloved mascot, Crash Bandicoot, and places him on the wall of iconic video game characters.

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