• Mar 22 2017

    Top 5 Dragon Ball Z Video Games

    Find out which Dragon Ball video games ScreenCritics Misael Duran believes are the best. Do you agree with the list? Which is your favourite game?

  • Mar 21 2017

    Ranking Joe’s 5 Best ‘Final Fantasy’ Games

    A short list of some of the best titles in one of the longest-running franchises on the planet, come and recount these Fantasies with ScreenCritics Joe.

  • Mar 14 2017

    Top 15 Final Fantasy Main Protagonists

    Join Misael Duran as thy look back at the Final Fantasy protagonists that made their adventures the most enjoyable.

  • Mar 13 2017

    5 Major Problems With Annual Game Releases

    From rushed development and broken launches to franchise fatigue, ScreenCritics Sam explores five major problems with annual game releases.

  • Mar 01 2017

    Joe’s Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games

    Nintendo Switch launches in 2 days and ScreenCritic Joe is on the first class car of the hype train. Here are his most anticipated titles.

  • Feb 20 2017

    Top 8 PlayStation One Hidden Gems Gamers Overlooked

    Sometimes there’s too many great video games to go around. When it comes to Sony’s original PlayStation, there was an avalanche of original, new titles that simply blew gamers away. Though the console performed brilliantly, there are a few games in its library that went seldom played – whether due to lack of interest or lack […]

  • Feb 09 2017

    Ranking 8 ‘Elder Scrolls’ Video Games

    ScreenCritics Shaun takes a look at Bethesda Softworks iconic ‘Elder Scrolls’ series, ranking the entries from best to worst.

  • Jan 29 2017

    10 Reasons The Switch Will (Hopefully) be Awesome

    ScreenCritics Cole takes a look at the Nintendo Switch and the reasons why he thinks the console is destined for success.

  • Jan 26 2017

    Top 7 Worst WWE World Champions Of All Time

    ScreenCritics Shaun picks out 7 of the Superstars who, for various reasons, made for absolutely terrible Champions while on top.

  • Jan 23 2017

    Ranking 13 ‘Ratchet and Clank’ Games

    Ranking the Ratchet and Clank games – worst to best.

  • Jan 20 2017

    Ranking 5 Uncharted Video Games

    ScreenCritics Shaun has a stab at ranking the 5 Uncharted games. Which of Naughty Dog’s titles make the grade in our list?

  • Jan 17 2017

    Emily’s Top Five Netflix Binges

    Emily runs down the top five Netflix series that had her coming back for more.

  • Jan 14 2017

    Top 10 Final Fantasy Moments

    Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy is a franchise with much to love. From its characters to locales, it’s the various locales – you can’t accuse the series of lacking ambition. Yet among all these are some truly standout moments that have come to define the series for fans. I decided to take a look back at some […]

  • Jan 14 2017

    Top 8 Most Difficult Moral Choices In Video Games

    Video games love their moral decisions. The hard choices that come to define a gaming experience sometimes are the ones that gamers would rather not make. From the death of loved characters, to unwanted consequences in the game, sometimes the decisions we make really define the game we experience. We decided to take a glance […]

  • Jan 12 2017

    Top 5 Best Nintendo Launch Titles

    These are the five Nintendo launch titles that helped to get their consoles off to the best possible start – did you play any of them?

  • Jan 12 2017

    Ranking 21 Mass Effect Squad Mates

    Bioware’s Mass Effect is a game about making personal connections. It’s about meeting a huge cast of characters and forming your own bond with them; choosing who you want to be on your side and who bites the dust. Because every play through is so different – everyone has different favorites. This is FAR from a definitive […]

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