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WWE has been keen to keep things interesting in recent times, giving the sense that anything can happen in the build-up to this Sundays Survivor Series. So it’s no surprise to see Charlotte Flair, daughter of Ric Flair, capture her first ever Smackdown Live Women’s Championship this evening.

Charlotte and Nattie competed in a singles match on tonight’s edition of Smackdown Live, having a very solid outing for the pair. Eventually, it would be Nattie who tapped out to the Figure 8 submission hold from Charlotte – allowing the hometown wrestler to capture gold for the first time on Smackdown Live.

The achievement means that Charlotte is also the first woman to win the WWE Women’s Grand Slam – something Charlotte discussed on the WWE Facebook earlier in the night. Charlotte has previously held the NXT Women’s Championship, Divas Championship, Raw Women’s Championship and now the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship.

Charlotte will now move on to face Alexa Bliss this Sunday, in the Raw vs. Smackdown clash between the two brands women’s champions. It marks the first time since the 2016 draft that the Raw Women’s Champion and the Smackdown Live Women’s Champion have competed in a singles match.

Alexa Bliss captured her Championship just after Summerslam, regaining the belt from Sasha Banks. As a former Smackdown Live Women’s Champion, Alexa certainly knows what it takes to be Champion.

Our Take: It’s not surprising that they chose to have Charlotte win the Championship in her hometown. The hometown crowd were very much behind their woman, something made better when the Ric Flair came out to celebrate with his daughter. It’s a huge moment for her and for the Championship.

It’s a shame Nattie never got to have the kind of matches we know she’s capable of having though. Her reign as Champion was mostly dogged by long periods of not actually defending the Championship. It also didn’t help that the match on Sunday was set to be a heel vs. heel match – something WWE probably wanted to avoid.

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