It is always a refreshing sight to see developers bringing something fresh and new to the gaming scene. It just proves that gaming is progressing and developing in the right direction. Chicken Scream is one game that has certainly built upon an idea in gaming that is fairly new and interesting, and that is the use of voice and sound within the game.

Chicken Scream is an interactive platformer using the player’s voice, and it is available in the iOS app store. This game centres around using the sound to move the chicken through the level and around obstacles. Talking into the microphone moves the chicken, and screaming makes the chicken jump. It is a fairly new concept, with only a few other notable games taking it on.

The game has seemed to take a bit of inspiration from Flappy Bird, due to similar gameplay and art style. However, the idea of using sound to move the character instead of tapping the screen is innovative and creative. The art style is simple and fun, allowing the player to focus on the key part of the game: the use of voice and sound.

Overall, Chicken Scream has high reviews on the Google Play Store, rating a 4.4 out of 5. Most of reviews talk about how it could become viral as Flappy Bird did, which I completely agree with. I find that with the progressive qualities this game has, it could easily become the next big thing. It already is on its way to becoming big, as many Youtubers are discovering and playing it.

Voice is something that used less when it comes to video games, but it has been done before. Some horror games, such as Lurking, have used to concept of sound, being quiet, and using echoes to navigate the map. Other games, such as Guitar Hero, have utilised singing as a key part of the game. But in the platforming genre of gaming, this is fairly new.

As gaming continues to progress, I am sure we will see the idea of voice and sound being implemented into gaming more. It adds a whole new dimension and layer to the games and allows it to enter the real world a bit more than originally would have. It’s a neat idea that brings something fresh and new to the gaming scene. I feel that if this feature was brought into all genres of gaming more, we would be progressing in the right direction.

As a whole, Chicken Scream is right on the money with its idea of voice and sound. It could quickly become viral due to how advanced it is for the genre of game it is. I enjoyed playing it and appreciating what the developers have done to create a successful game. It was a unique experience for me compared to the other platformer games I have ever played before, which I found appealing. I am looking forward to seeing where this game heads to in the near future. We’ll be watching!


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