There’s no denying that Capcom’s hugely anticipated Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will please many fans when it lands in September many people. It’s a game people have been begging for since the MCU took hold – to see it still being a thing is excellent. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have concerns about Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. 

Part of the problem is Capcom itself. The company have, in recent times, engaged in practices that makes truly being excited for their games that much harder. Once upon a time, buying a game from them meant getting a solid deal – these days that isn’t a guarantee. 2016’s Street Fighter V arrived in a horrendous state, hardly justifying its full price – but it’s not the only occurrence of this from the company.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was released under a hail of complaints – chief among them that the roster was notably small compared to previous entries in the series. Yet within a few months, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was released adding more characters and patches –  making people once again pay more money. Street Fighter X Tekken also suffered from this fragmentation. The disc came bundled with huge amounts of DLC  characters, 12 players to be exact. Capcom seemingly can’t help itself when it comes to delivering fragmented content post-launch – even if it annoys gamers in the process.

This isn’t helped by the complete absence of some major characters. The biggest among these are the huge selection of X-Men characters that won’t feature. X-Men are some of the biggest names in Marvel and not having them in this game is a huge disappointment. It would be one thing if Marvel said they didn’t want to promote FOX’s X-Men movie universe, but that’s far from the truth. In an interview with Gamespot, Peter Rosas and Micheal Evans said the reason X-Men characters wouldn’t be appearing in the game is that people just wouldn’t remember them. Even the most passive of Marvel fans would see just how rubbish that comment is.. Wolverine, Cyclops, Dr Xavier and Magneto are some of Marvel’s most beloved characters, so let’s not pretend otherwise.

Having a Marvel game without X-Men characters is like Nintendo having a Smash Bros Nintendo game without Samus, Kirby or Pikachu. As a comic book fan, it’s incredibly disingenuous to play us for idiots. We all know why Marvel won’t allow these characters into their games these days – so why not just say it? As it stands, it leaves the roster for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite feeling lacklustre compared to previous games.

I get it people are not going to know every single character but you are still fascinated in that character. When I saw Marvel vs. Capcom in arcades I was a young kid. The game caught my attention but I’ll be honest. I knew all the characters from the Marvel side but I didn’t know everyone from the Capcom side. I only knew the Street fighter characters and Megaman. I didn’t know Strider, Morrigan, Jin and Captain Commando but that still didn’t stop me from playing as them. This comment that Capcom has made is like a shot to X-Men fans out there and it’s sad to see that especially when the versus series started with X-Men Children of the Atom. Without the success of that game Marvel vs. Capcom probably wouldn’t happen.

Worse than this, it’s impossible to discount the notion that Capcom will only end up releasing X-Men as DLC down the line. We definitely know that DLC will be featured with Marvel Infinite but what doesn’t make sense is that Sigma is DLC when he’s part of the main story. I don’t want to see important X-Men characters as DLC. With such a small roster who knows how many DLC characters are going to be added. That’s going to be a lot of money that players will have to pay. What makes it worse is that there is no Fight Money. Players will have to pay money for DLC characters.

Story mode makes me a bit nervous. After E3 Capcom released a free demo of Story Mode – and it’s not that good. Gamers weren’t happy with the game on offer – creating the sense of imminent disappointment. The fact is that gamers have been waiting for this title for years – so to get such a disappointing showcase only serves to disappoint. If it’s not a showcase of the games final quality – why put it out in the first place? If that demo is a showcase of the final quality, then one has to despair at the game we’ll eventually be buying.

Graphically the game was mocked for its awkward depictions of characters. It’s made even worse by the fact that the game will only feature 2 vs. 2 battles – stripping out one of the series staples. Decisions like this only make gamers hesitate – and underline that the incoming game just won’t be worth the purchase. If Capcom and Marvel can’t be bothered to put the polish needed in the game – why should we buy it?

There’s a sense that Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is already wilting under the expectations thrown upon it. I love this series, I want to be excited. But Capcom and Marvel have to deliver the goods. If this game is only a shadow imitation of previous outings – why bother at all?

I’m keen to see more from the game as we approach launch. As it stands though, it’s hard to not watch the direction the game is heading in and not feel that something is amiss. Whether that gets sorted before the game is pushed into gamers hands is another thing entirely.

This is Capcom after all.