The world of gaming can be very fickle. The community will happily get behind a genre for a while but too much of a good thing and the wheel turns. The one genre which never seems to want to die though is the open world sandbox. The biggest release to date was the epic Minecraft, a game which will always be the one by which all these types of game are judged by. Lego recently tried to recapture the magic with mixed results, so can a free to play game become the new top dog. I have been hands on with Playful Corporation’s newest sandbox game Creativerse.

Creativerse does show a lot of potential, the graphics are cartoonish but lovely and while the worlds can’t do much with blocks to add the general ambience, Playful Corporation have done their best to make the backgrounds look exciting.

The blocks themselves have a rich texture, while the amount of different build opportunities do allow for a chance to create exciting worlds. Creativerse has an adventure mode which includes games such as Climb the Beanstalk and Piggy Pinball, giving us just a taste of where the game can potentially go once the community really gets there hands on it.

Creativerse is a free to play game but does have a pro options which gives the player more control over how they wish to set their world up. A further payment for different styles of bricks can add to a players overall experience if they wish to embellish their world with more decoration. The different styles of blocks really makes this game unique, while the typical grass, stone and wood are still there, it’s how far beyond these block types they go with the likes of dead grass or bees-wax. These multiple block types will allow players to create amazing structures.

The items which can constructed are also impressive, building a processor allows you to make slopes from blocks or even stairs from grass blocks which will look awesome in my forest home. Having to upgrade my mining tool to collect higher end loot doesn’t feel forced and it is a very natural system to upgrade all equipment. Also having the ability to build a Washer so I can clean my pets is just brilliant.

The enemies aren’t too hard during the day and at night can be easily avoided as long as you don’t put yourself somewhere restrictive. The map is big enough that you can get friends on with you to start building your dream city.

In my opinion if they continue to develop this game then we finally have a game which can not just compete but overtake Minecraft. Creativerse also has the benefit of seeing what hasn’t worked so well in other games and avoid those mistakes. Minecraft has been around a long time and has evolved since release, Creativerse already has the groundwork there, a solid game which has the ability to create worlds and mini games for the whole community to enjoy.

A fun game for the whole family which you will spend hours creating works of art to show off to the world.


Dan once kicked every chicken in Albion, took an arrow to both knees and is still adventuring and drives his wife crazy on a daily basis with his near obsession with Marvel Comics.