If you didn’t catch last nights Monday Night Raw, consider yourself lucky. One of the worst WWE segments of all time managed to make its way to air, as Miz TV turned into the Lavar Ball Hour. Seems a number of the company’s Superstar’s weren’t too impressed with the entire fiasco – with Curtis Axel taking to his social media accounts to express his dismay at the entire thing.

Speaking on social media, Axel didn’t mince his words when it came to talking about that Lavar Ball fiasco;

They don’t need to be on TV. Get them off. It was embarrassing. Looking at that from my perspective, it was funny backstage looking at it, but that’s not something that… you know, this is my opinion. The kids watch this show. It’s a kid’s program, we took it down to PG-13 and made everything kid-friendly, right? And for someone to come on there and grab the microphone and go off and do something outlandish like this and you were told… I guarantee they were told not to do it – it’s embarrassing.

And yeah, I watching it backstage and I was embarrassed. Growing up in the family business like this and seeing some guy… the whole family to me. Granted, you know the kid’s gonna be a superstar or whatever but the dad and the other guy, they do this on a program where my family’s busted their ass – it embarrasses me and it pisses me off. It sucks.

They went off on their own and did whatever they did to hype themselves up, so I was disgusted with the whole thing.

It should be noted as well that Baron Corbin took a shot at the whole thing. Considering Lavar Ball dropped several n-bombs on a live Raw audience, one suspects he won’t be invited back anytime soon.

I don’t know who Lavar Ball. I don’t care who Lavar Ball is. Honestly, I’d rather WWE not land the middle of their flagship show with an awful segment that reeks of desperation. It didn’t help anyone involved, Dean Ambrose included.

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