At this point, Talking Smack has become a location for Daniel Bryan to air his dirty laundry with WWE than anything else, and we can’t help but love it. The former WWE Champion used his post-Smackdown talk to vent about the way some of the roster is being utilized; and take thinly veiled stabs at WWE Creative in the process.

The gist of his discussion with Renee was around how he failed in his role as Smackdown manager to build his superstars up to the Goldberg level. He said that if Goldberg wins the Royal Rumble then the former WCW Champion would be heading to Wrestlemania. He wants people to look at Smackdown’s roster and see Wrestlemania headliners also. Specifically Bryan stated;

“I don’t think that is the fault of the talent, I think that is the fault of me for not getting them to that spot”

He did go on to say that he believed the current crop of WWE Superstars is the best the company’s ever had, but that he as management (Read: Creative) needs to help get the AJ Styles and Ambrose’s of Smackdown those kind of reactions. Of course it should be stated that Bryan has no creative clout on Smackdown – so these self-beatings are mostly there to impact his paymasters.

To be honest, you’d need to be docile to miss the blatant way that WWE Creative has gone about de-pushing some of its stars. The likes of Cesaro and Zayn have been very vocal in their annoyance over the past few months; and things haven’t improved for the pair in recent times. Heck, Bryan keeps angling for the pair to make their way over to Smackdown in exchange for current Intercontinental Champion.

He’s not wrong for our money. Do you agree with his complaints about the way some of the rosters Superstars are being used?


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