Will he stay, or will he go? That’s the big question everyone in the movie industry has been asking themselves for the past twelve months – as James Bond star Daniel Craig seemingly went all-out in his attempts to break free from the franchise. Now though, it’s being reported that Daniel Craig is set to reprise the iconic James Bond role one final time – in the James Bond 25 outing.

That’s all according to The New York Times, which is reporting that Craig is a lock for James Bond 25. Both Eon Productions and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer released a statement yesterday confirming that the 25th James Bond movie will be touching down in November 2019. They also confirmed that longtime scribe for the movies, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, will be returning to pen the movie.

Daniel Craig made it very clear during the press tour for SPECTRE that he was done with the franchise. Through many interviews, the star openly dismissed the notion of returning to helm any more movies – indicating that he wanted to take up new roles. Speculation over his replacement has been rife for a long while now.

There’s no news over who will be directing the movie – but it’s very unlikely those Christopher Nolan rumors will come to fruition.

Personally, I don’t think Daniel Craig should return. SPECTRE was a mess of a James Bond movie, suffering heavily from a meandering plot and some of the most uneven pacing in any of the modern James Bond films. While I’m hopeful that he can turn in a great performance for this movie – my gut instinct is that this isn’t a great idea for everyone.

Whatever the outcome though, it’s clear that this will very likely be Daniel Craig’s final stint as the iconic British spy. Having been in the role since 2006 – it’s clear that the actor has had his fill.


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