Fans of Marvel’s cinematic universe have taken quite fondly to Netflix’s Daredevil. While not a full movie, the hype around the series has helped to elevate the rest of the Netflix lineup. Now it’s being reported that season 3 of Daredevil will enter filming this October, after a lengthy hiatus.

The news comes via MCU Exchange, which reports that Daredevil season three will begin shooting on location in New York in the latter half October.

There has been some fear among fans over the future of Daredevil, with very little information regarding the planned shooting schedule. While Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have been busy filming their next seasons, nothing has been publically spoken about the next incarnation of Daredevil. We’ve known it’s on the slate for a while now, but haven’t heard anything about actual production.

Both of those programmes are expected to air during 2018 Рas well as a reported second season for Iron Fist (Which will enter production sometime before the end of this year).

Not much is known about what we’ll be seeing in Luke Cage or Jessica Jones second seasons, but we’re willing to wager that the upcoming Defenders will point the characters in their new directions. Apparently, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up over a second Defenders anytime soon – as Netflix will be focusing on their individual stories moving forward.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of future the Netflix cinematic universe has. With Disney reportedly readying its own streaming service, there is a sense that Netflix may not be in charge of the Marvel properties for much longer. It wouldn’t make sense for Disney to allow programmes on a rival service – which throws the question of what happens to the popular roster of programmes. That won’t become a problem until 2019, but it certainly has to be weighing on the minds of Netflix executives.

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