To use Darth Vadar or not to use Darth Vadar – that is the question facing Disney and Lucasfilm whenever they do a prequel movie these days. The iconic villain is such a Hollywood draw that not using him is a waste. Yet the more they use him, the more likely they are to ruin the character for audiences. So there are mixed feelings to reports that we’re getting yet more Vadar in the upcoming Han Solo spinoff movie.

That’s according to That Hashtag Show anyway, who states that;

“A source close to the production has revealed to us that someone—presumably not Wilding, given his pretty definitive statement that he isn’t involved—was on the set of Howard’s Han Solo reshoots in Darth Vader’s armor as recently as two weeks ago.”

The big problem with this is that in Star Wars canon, at least as far as we know, Han Solo and Darth Vadar didn’t meet before the events of A New Hope. It’s a huge part of the plot really, as Han Solo works to avoid getting tangled in the wider battle between the Rebels and the Empire. To have the two meeting beforehand, in any circumstance, would diminish the magic of that movie.

For my money, I hope that Vadar is only used sparingly too. I’m not totally against him popping up in the prequel Star Wars material (He turned up in Star Wars Rebels) but the fact is that the more they use him – the less special he feels. As one of films most iconic baddies, we don’t need to see every movement of his before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope.

That being said, he did arguably save Rogue One from being a total snoozefest. His scene at the end of the movie not only. With all the problems hitting the Han Solo movies production recently (including losing both its directors) Disney might feel the need to wheel out that carrot again.

Would you want to see Darth Vadar in the Han Solo movie?


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