David Tennant was a huge part of Jessica Jones’s first season, playing the elusive and downright scary Kilgrave. It seemed that his story was told, as the character was pretty definitively killed off – but now the star has been snapped on the set of Jessica Jones Season 2, and has been confirmed to be reprising his role.

It’s not clear how much of a role the former Doctor Who star will have in the upcoming season, but one can assume that he will make his presence felt. EW even revealed a photo of Tennant and the star of the show Ritter. Can’t get more conclusive than that.

Kilgrave’s mind control abilities made him a formidable opponent for Jessica Jones in Season one, as she struggled to overcome his psychic abilities.  Eventually, she became immune to his abilities, allowing her to snap his neck in the series finale. Neither Marvel nor Netflix have revealed what his involvement means, so we’ll be very curious to see how it plays out. While we won’t rule out a return (These are comic book characters after all) there is always the chance that he remains mentally attached to Jessica or one of the shows other stars.

The former Doctor Who star helped to establish Jessica Jones with a strong first season – playing the mind-controlling villain who spent most of Season One messing with Jessica’s mind. The popularity of the actor can only help bring more eyeballs onto the critically adored show, which was enjoyed by audiences and critics alike.

With The Defenders set to land later this month, it’s a good time to be a fan of Netflix’s Marvel universe. Jessica Jones will be making an appearance in the 8-part series, alongside Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist.

Are you excited to see David Tennant appearing in Season 2?

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