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It’s amazing to think that Nintendo’s Mario is one of the worlds most recognizable fictional characters, yet has never starred in a half decent movie (Let’s forget the live-action one, eh?). Now though it’s being reported that Universal Illumination, the team behind Despicable Me and Minions, are looking to bring the popular plumber, and his Super Mario franchise, to the big screen.

That’s according to The Wall Street Journal, who is reporting that Universal Illumination has been in deep talks with Nintendo for nearly a year to bring the famous plumber to the big screen. The one major sticking point reportedly revolves around Nintendo’s involvement, who are reportedly insisting on being heavily involved in the creative process.

Should the movie actually go ahead, Shigeru Miyamoto will apparently get a producers credit. The news comes after Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima revealed last year that Nintendo was looking to develop a movie around the Super Mario series.

The good news from this is that Despicable Me and Minions fit well with the Mario art style. It’s not hard to imagine Nintendo’s hugely popular plumber in one of their works – ensuring that we may finally get a decent looking Super Mario Bros movie.

The downside, however, is that Minions (and Despicable Me 3) were largely bad outings for the studio. While we don’t doubt that this was down to the rundown nature of the franchise (Seriously, were aren’t Minions at this point?) the fact remains that they’d need to up their game for this one. Mario is hugely adored and has already endured an awful movie.

No release date has been reported, although we’d imagine that its a long way off yet (if at all).

Our Take: I’m in two minds over this one. Mario on the big screen feels like it should work – but I’m unsure of the involvement of Universal Illumination. Their work is patchy at best and while Nintendo seems to be pressing hard to be involved in the process, I’d rather see the movie land at a more consistent studio.

We’ll just have to see if anything solid comes from this rumor. We can imagine there would be a lot of interest across Hollywood (and from around the world) in making this movie happen.

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