Using a Live Odds Screen

The live odds screen plays an important role when it comes to betting. Thanks to that, bettors need to be aware of how things function and how they are displayed on the screen. Without a basic knowledge of the live odds screen, bettors will not make it towards the right point of victory and will end up being in a bad position. Due to that, we have decided to help you out with a simple take on the live odds screen.

The Different Types

Before venturing further into the domain of live odds screens, you need to know about the different types of these screens. Corporate and utility are the only two types of screens that are widely utilized in the industry and the only means through which things are processed. While corporate odds screens are referred to as an odds comparison website, utility odds screens are stand-alone pieces of software. Thanks to these aspects, there are differences between these two, and the main one is speed.

The Time Stamps

The time stamp history on the live odds screens is a particular aspect that documents all odds movement. With the involvement of these stamps, bettors can always go back and track line movements in case they have missed it. Due to that, time stamps are quite essential, and using the same to determine the initial change in odds is the manner in which you need to proceed. By doing so, you will be able to take control and move further into a good position.

The Books

As a bettor, you might use a corporate or utility type of live odds screen. Regardless of that, the main ingredient that bettors will focus on is finding the right bookmakers. Most screens in the industry will either have an “opener” column or allow the input of a market starting price per event. While it all tends to head in the direction, a little slip will take things the wrong way.

Due to that, you need to look into low margin bookmakers as they try and cater to professional bettors. Moreover, changes in odds will have a ripple effect throughout the market.

The Importance of Experience

The initial part of betting might not end up being what you had imagined due to several reasons. With that coming into effect, you need to think about a solution that makes sense. That particular solution is to gain experience because it matters the most. Gaining experience is essential as it helps you evaluate your choices and play the game correctly. So observe the live odds screen and look into the figures for a long time until you get hold of what it implies.

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