Bad Boys 3 has been in the works for many years – with rumors circulating before officially being announced. With both original stars on board and a solid director, things seemed to be moving in the right direction. Alas Joe Carnahan, the movies director, has stepped aside; forcing Sony to begin the hunt for a new director.

The issue being suggested from insiders revolves around creative differences between the director and Sony. Shooting was set to begin in the second half of 2017 – meaning the departure couldn’t come at a worse time for the momentum of the flick. Reportedly the studio is also working hard to try and land a new director to fill the role.

To add more pressure to proceedings – the movie has tentatively been pencilled in for a late 2018 release – meaning there isn’t all that much time for the studio to get their act together and find a new director. The good news for whoever steps in, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence has apparently committed to the project.

Perhaps most devastatingly for the project – Carnahan was also penning the film’s script. It means that whoever comes in will likely have little time to imprint their vision before filming begins – or even more likely – be forced to rework what’s already been written.

Carnahan has found himself with a packed schedule recently. He joined the reimagining of The Raid and is also apparently working with Fox on their upcoming X-Force movie. It’s very likely that this may have played a part in the directors decision to stand down from the project.

Are you looking forward to Bad Boys 3? Who do you want to see replace Carnahan in the directors chair?

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