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Disc Jam PS4 Beta Impressions

Join ScreenCritics Eric as he takes a look at ”Disc Jam’ – an interesting indie title set to land on PC and PlayStation 4 at the end of March.

Thanks to the explosion in the indie scene, more unique games than ever are arriving on consoles. So many unique ideas are being thrown out by developers eager to make their mark and, after the success of Rocket League on PSN, there’s a clear demand from gamers too take up these games if they hit the mark. Enter Disc Jam, the latest PlayStation Plus indie darling hoping to break out.

Disc Jam is an action sports game  by High Horse Entertainment.  Similar to cult classic Windjammers and Pong before it, Disc Jam tasks the player to defend their zone from disc throws by the opposing player while trying to score on the opponents zone as well.  The first player to reach a minimum of 50 points winning the game – a simple premise that leads to plenty of fun.

This past weekend High Horse held a limited beta on PC and PlayStation 4 to stress test servers and collect feedback from the community. After having played the beta on PlayStation 4 for nearly 10 hours it’s safe to say Disc Jam is both a fantastic homage and forward thinking success.

Throws have three variants that can be modified to outwit your opponent. Lobbing, while slow, can reset the pace of the game when you’re in a tight spot. Basic throws, done with R2/L2, are faster and can be modified to turn while throwing the disc. Finally fast throws are done with the X button, great for sneaking one in on your opponent when opportunity knocks. Each player can move in any direction and can slide in those same directions, Sliding will get you to an area faster but has the drawback of being committed to your action.  Adding to the mix the beta allowed access to 3 characters. One fast with slower throws, one with faster throws but slower movements and one with a good balance of the two.

The beta allowed 1 on 1  singles matches as well as 2 on 2 doubles. Regardless of what match type you played by games end you earned credits that could be used 1,000 at a time to unlock skins, taunts and discs for your played characters. All cosmetic and none of which give an added advantage.

Disc Jam is intense, not only is the frantic back and forth game play already nail-biting, but points  increase as you rally with your opponent. so the longer both players defend the bigger the points earned when the disc is scored. Graphically Disc Jam is not overly impressive but not ugly. Menus are relatively simple and its quick to get right into a match, barring any server issues. I did have a few instances of lag hampering the game but nothing overtly noticeable.

Disc Jam looks to storm the eSports scene with plans in place for tournaments and leagues already being organized. Disc Jam is scheduled for release on March 7 and will be free on PlayStation for Plus members. Whether it has enough going for it to break out and become a monster hit is another thing entirely. I personally believe it has the legs to make such a transition, but for those who pick it up for free on PlayStation Plus, it’ll be a fun little ride.

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