You’d think the BBC would just get on with announcing the casting for the next iteration of Doctor Who. Given that all anyone around the show seems to be talking about at this stage – it would make life a lot easier. But alas, even those working on Peter Capaldi’s final episode (This years Christmas Special) don’t know who his replacement will be.

Rachel Talalay, the director for Peter Capaldi’s final outing as The Doctor, has revealed that she has no idea who the next Doctor will be.

Talking to fans on Twitter, she said;

“To answer general q’s: No trip to SDCC for me this year. No knowledge of 13. No idea about S11. Reading some books. Any recommendations?”

It should be noted that Peter Capaldi recently spent his final day on the Doctor Who set – meaning that his regeneration scene has already been shot. If that’s the case, someone within the walls of the BBC must know who the actor is. We know it’s going to happen during the Christmas Special – so it’s really just a case of when the BBC wants fans to find out.

There’s also every chance that the BBC haven’t filmed the process together. Several times in the shows history, the regeneration process was shot in two halves – then slotted together. It decreases the risk of a major leak.

Up to now, fans know very little about the upcoming Christmas episode of the show. Given that it’s set to feature an iconic return of the original Doctor (Obviously played by another actor) there’s a lot of potential for the outing. It also marks the final time that Peter Capaldi will take on the role of The Doctor. He has been the chief actor of the role since the beginning of Season 8. That was over four years ago now.

Who would you want to see take on the iconic role? Are you excited for the new era of the show?


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