2017’s biggest gaming show took over the industry’s mind share a little more than a month ago. Now that time has passed and the hype has settled, it is easier to look at all of the major announcements critically and think about the show as a whole – reflecting on the highs and lows of the show; while seeing how games look now that the initial hype has worn off.

A criticism of the show that I had at the time was that it felt like there were not any major announcements, nothing to get overly excited over. The lack of enthusiasm has effected how I look back at the conference, mainly that there aren’t many titles that jump out and get me hyped. To be fair, I’m still looking forward to a ton of titles this year and 2017 may be the year I play the widest variety of video games, but they can come as they will; I’m not counting the days for any upcoming game.

Reflecting upon this – Super Mario Odyssey is one of those titles. By all accounts, Odyssey had an incredible showing at E3 and I do believe that it will be my major time sink this holiday season, but I’m just not as pumped for it as I wish I was. The amount of polish put into the title and the return to classic 3D Mario form should all be tantalizing facts, but even though the Switch’s next big hit will almost definitely be a spectacular title, my giddiness is tempered. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a ton of time for video games this summer, and the time I do have is spent checking games off my backlog, but I’m in a gaming rut and nothing from E3 was able to pull me out of it.

A few titles do have me intrigued though, but not solely because of E3 – but because of outside pull factors. In particular, Wolfenstein 2 has consistently remained on my radar. I thought the extended look at the Bethesda conference was entertaining enough, but nothing ground breaking. What has really given Wolfenstein 2 some cadence with me was my interest in the first entry of the rebooted series, Wolfenstein: The New Order. I never played The New Order when it was first released, but when it was heavily discounted after E3 this year,

I decided to hop into the series, making The New Colossus all the more important to me in the next couple of months. Similarly, I’m all the more excited for Insomniac’s Spider-Man because of the recent release of Spider-Man Homecoming in theaters recently, which was one of my favorite superhero movies, hard stop. Spider-Man the video game has plenty to stand on in its own right, the extended gameplay propelled the title to Game of Show for myself and for ScreenCritics, but Spider-mania is hitting a fever pitch, which makes it all the more unfortunate that Insomniac’s title isn’t coming until 2018.

With my personal favorites from E3 having trouble finding lasting resonance, the announcements that I found neat or interesting, but not notably spectacular, have all but faded from my interest. The Microsoft conference especially feels like much more of a let down now that time has passed. Granted, I don’t have an Xbox, but after the conference I was giving a One S a hard consider. I was never going to mess around with a One X because 4K gaming is by no means a priority to me, but one month out, I can’t think of a good enough reason to invest in an Xbox right now and would prefer to spend the money elsewhere.

I find myself reflecting upon this similarly intrigued – with a plethora of titles to the point that I almost forget that they will be releasing soon, Xenoblade Chronicles 2Far Cry 5, A Way Out, and pretty much anything on 3DS, to name a few. I still want to play all these games and will likely get more pumped for them as they get closer to release, but presently I’m impartial.

And that’s the way it was. Reflecting on the whole of E3, this was a year that was destined to feel safe after a few years of stellar conferences panned out predictably soft, and time has not been its friend. After a month, E3 2017 helped adjust how I’m spending my summer gaming in a relative slow period, but it failed to leave a lasting sense of excitement. Perhaps that is too much to ask in a time where hype culture poses a serious concern in the games industry, but with the level of showmanship put into E3, I feel a little underwhelmed that the glitz and glamour lacked lasting substance.

Anywho, enough from me, how do you feel about E3 2017 now that a month has gone by? What games are you looking forward to in the coming months? Sound off below and make sure to catch up on all our E3 content.

Games Editor. An avid gamer from Bangor, Maine. He still has the GameBoy Advance that sucked him into gaming 14 years ago and maybe someday will complete a Nuzlocke of Pokemon Emerald.