Electronic Arts have always had more predictable showcases at E3 over the years. From the unnaturally long sports demonstrations to their more celebrated franchises with the occasional dip into indie gaming, there hasn’t been much in the way of surprise announcements for the company, who are ideally far more safer in the way their events are structured. Nonetheless, in the past, EA has managed to create extraordinary buzz from their gameplay and trailer showcases, and 2017 seems to be no different.


EA will undoubtedly place focus on Star Wars: Battlefront II, the successor to their 2015 reboot that was heavily panned for being excruciatingly barebones in features and content, despite a relatively immense grasp on visual and audio flare. Battlefront II hopes to right those wrongs by featuring an extensive single-player campaign that EA will jump at the opportunity to highlight, perhaps to sway those who first criticized the lack of an existing campaign in the first game. EA also seems to be learning from their microtransaction mistakes too by limiting the practice in the game and instead jamming a healthy amount of modes, weapons, characters, and maps that will all double down on the predecessor. Battlefront II hopes to make a huge splash at E3, and EA is banking on it to generate a good reaction. This could easily be the opener of the conference.

EA SPORTS. It’s in the game. (hopefully)

Of course, what is an EA E3 conference without the sports titles? This year, three new sports games will take center stage: Madden 18, FIFA 18, and NBA LIVE 18 which all look to continue improving its graphics and ever so slightly tweaking the gameplay. FIFA 17 took a huge leap ahead by introducing a standalone story mode called The Journey, which fared pretty well with fans and critics. Naturally, FIFA 18 will also have another story mode which will reportedly be more in-depth and longer than the previous years. Whether or not you’re on board for the idea of witnessing a plethora of sports talk, expect EA to dedicate a good chunk of the conference to these games.


Getting out of sports games and into the drivers seat, EA recently announced the next Need For Speed entry, titled Payback, which looks to take the series to the streets of Fortune City, a Las Vegas-inspired open world. The game looks to be another visual treat for the eyes, but also welcomes back the in-depth car customization and modifications that made the Underground series such a staple in the franchise. On that note, while we would’ve loved to see Underground 3 be the next hot topic, it certainly refreshing to see the series attempt to take a more daring direction with the new focus on high-octane, over-the-top action.


EA plans to show off new expansion packs too, particularly for The Sims 4 which will add a few new packs to the equation that are sure to be a hit with long-time fans of the series, and Battlefield 1’s first major expansion, In The Name Of The Tsar, which will reportedly include a hefty amount of new maps, guns, and extended story segments.


Finally, the surprise element for many will be what Bioware is working on next. Many have already speculated a new Dragon Age title following the success of Dragon Age: Inquisition, but perhaps it’s the developers secretive project, simply called Dylan – a science fiction RPG that many leaks claim to be Dragon Age in space. Conceptually, that sounds quite interesting, and if EA could perhaps shed some light on the project with a teaser trailer, there might be hope for Bioware to climb back into gamers good books after the mess that was Mass Effect: Andromeda.


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